According to Playmates big bunch of press releases today they are not canceling all their TMNT lines. It appears as though things will be TRU exclusives for now. They even bring up the comic book turtles which were first revealed here, long rumored dead, as coming back. I believe the new TMNT movie deal probably had something to do with this.

Turtle Power is in full force with the dynamic 2010 line of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES toys available exclusively at Toys R Us. After a quarter of a century, kids of all ages still love to play with Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. A brand new live action movie that traces the Turtles back to their origins is in the works and is tentatively slated for October 2011, with Galen Walker (TMNT) and Scott Mednick (300) producing. The product line will reflect the special blend of action and humor which makes this franchise so unique and popular. Playmates will introduce new products and re-introduce original products and packaging to focus on the retro style which first popularized the TMNT in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. ORIGINAL MOVIE STAR FIGURES of all four Turtles will be available, along with the Classic Party Van, Sludge Runners and Ninja Gear Role-Play in Retro Packaging. In addition, fall 2010 will see the launch of the CLASSIC COMIC BOOK FIGURES as seen in the very first comic book from 1984. Cowabunga!


Should be interesting to see what all they come up with. Movie Star Turtles sound awesome. Hopefully they’re as cool as the originals. I’m definitely down for the comic turtles if they include the Foot and such.

Especially since it seems that NECA may never get around to releasing their toys. At this point any Turtle toy news is good news. So a minor victory for today.

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