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Our good friend Jeff sent along some photos of the new Ninja Turtles ooze. Has this actually been called mutagen on the Nick show? I can’t recall it being referred to as such. I really love the look and texture of the new ooze and the containers are nice too. I’ve heard that these are showing up in Toys R Us locations mostly (none at my local TRU) but Jeff found these at Meijers.

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Playmates could have easily just repacked classic mutagen and containers and probably got away with it. However this new formula looks more accurate to the show and gives us some new ooze to look at. Oddly enough, I’ve never been much of an ooze guy. I still have some MOC mutagen from 2K3, but none of the classic stuff anymore.

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But I might just pick some of this new Ninja Turtle Ooze up!

9 Responses to TMNT Mutagen Ooze in Stores Now

  • darksun5183 says:

    I picked this up last week at my local TRU, checked today and very few have sold. Shelves are barren everywhere else but I have heard promises of restocks coming soon. Was able to pick up all 4 Battle Shell figures over the weekend which was a great find. Was also able to find 2 of the Flingers and the Pop-up Pizza Playset at a TRU in another county. These were not in the system and required a manager override to purchase, looks like they shouldn’t have been on the shelves this early.


    for those interested, each ooze has a code number on the grey part of the canister. The number is the same but each ends in either an A, B, C or D and that way you can tell which turtle your getting (because it’s a pain to try to look through the ooze). A is Leo, B is Donatello, C is Mikey, and D is Raph…FYI

  • Jeff Brzozowski says:

    I’m glad I got Raph, thinking of putting him on the shoulder of the actual figure to double as his turtle pet Spike. (;

    Although now knowing I could identify the others, I’m tempted to get those so I can do a group shot with Splinter.

  • Black Arbor says:

    So, I get that kids probably like throwing their figures into the ooze, but,uh, what do the adult collectors do with it? just let it sit in the tube? If so, that’s kinda missing the point. Then again, it would suck to be a kid and use up all the ooze and then have to beg your parents to buy more even though “you just got some!”.

    • Newton says:

      Honestly I don’t know. Even as a kid, I never put ooze or slime on figures. I did it like once and then realized it tore them up and I couldn’t hardly get it off… Plus it smelled AWFUL! So yeah, I’ve just left my 2K3 ooze in the container lol.

  • Philip Reed says:

    Okay, I have got to get to TRU today! It’s a week of twelve hour days and meetings so finding time is tough; maybe I can convince everyone our lunch meeting needs to be near TRU.

    • Newton says:

      Near a TRU?! Why not go for the gold and have it IN a TRU!?

      • Philip Reed says:

        We actually did a little work in TRU as we checked the game shelves. On the TMNT front the shelves were picked over and all that remained were two of the roleplay sets. Everything else was sold.

        • Newton says:

          That doesn’t shock me too much. TMNT seems to be selling really well. My TRU had a few figures on the shelves including a couple of the new ones, but they were still mostly empty. In fact as I walked in I saw a guy walking out with a huge smile on his face and a couple Foot Soldiers. I assume he had been looking for them for a while. Not sure if for himself or a youngster.

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