By now you may have heard that IDW has picked up the license to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics. This is great news for TMNT fans, as IDW plans on doing trades of the old Mirage stuff (something that Mirage excelled at failing to do for decades) and will be doing a variety of other comics. The most interesting news piece, being that a new IDW TMNT comic will start this summer, with a second Nickelodeon cartoon based comic starting later down the road in conjunction with Nick’s new TMNT.

With that in mind, an even cooler piece of TMNT comic news came across this past weekend as a long in production fan project has finally come together. A variety of TMNT fans with various artistic skill put together a page-by-page (with nearly every page done by a different fan) recreation of the original Mirage TMNT #1 comic. It’s a great piece and a fitting tribute to the Turtles. Peter Laird saw it and definitely approved, although he was true to form, honest in his critique of the project.

Even if you don’t like every page, credit has to be given to the labor of love that all involved gave to this. It’s such a unique take on the origin of the Turtles and it makes me wish Mirage had been able to do stuff like this for the 25th anniversary. Regardless, you can download the comic and check it out for yourself at’s TMNT #1 Fan Re-mix handy PDF download. There are a few tiny errors here or there and it is pretty beholden to the original comic, but I loved it. In fact, as I had been itching to re-read the original issue #1 recently, I felt this covered that for me quite nicely and was a fresh take on an old favorite.

As someone who has in the past done his own TMNT comic takes and intends to dabble a bit again in the future, I love projects like this. Major props to all involved and here’s to more growth in the TMNT fan community in the months and years ahead. Turtle power!

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  • jestergoblin says:

    I guess I can give up hoping to get the TMNT volume 1.

    I'd love a City at War trade…

  • clark says:

    @jestergoblin-I was just looking for a City at War trade. Did they never release it in collected form? That's disappointing.
    I bet this means that IDW has the ability to release the old TMNT series. It would be neat if they started releasing the old TMNT series (like they did immediately after acquiring G.I. Joe).
    They really should released the first TMNT series in a similar fashion to the Marvel Essentials TPBs. Where you can get 20 issues in B&W on newspaper print, for about twenty bucks.

  • I suspect IDW will release Volume 1. They plan on releasing trades of the Mirage stuff.

  • IDW will no doubt in my mind re-release all the original TMNT stuff. There's just not that much. They'll have to figure out a way to edit around the Cerebus the Aardvark stuff I suspect, but beyond that I'm sure they'll release most the old Mirage stuff.

  • clark says:

    This goes back to an older post, but I got lucky on ebay with the movie TMNT turtles (I got Leo, Don, and Mike for $15) and I really like them. Their articulation is pretty decent, but I do hope Playmates improves on them for the new line, even if it's just adding a thigh cut or swivel hinge knees.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Trippy comic,dude!

  • jestergoblin says:

    Yeah, City at War never got collected. I've only read it in issues, but my collection is starting to get very battered.

    I'd LOVE a TMNT Essentials. It would be a great way just to get the stuff out and since the issues are b&w anyway, nothing would be lost.

  • Yeah that's true. I don't need swivel thigh, but the articulation could be improved some. I'm hearing that the early protos shown at the recent Nick TMNT event indicate that…

    Also, Playmates is doing a TMNT Classics line. Which is awesome.

  • clark says:

    I take back the swivel thigh. I actually won 2 leos in the same lot, so one of them became a test subject for me to round off the knee pegs turning them into swivel hinges….and it really doesn't add that many possibilities to poses he can hold. A hinged ankle, and greater range of motion in the elbows and knees (being able to completely straighten out, and to reach 90+ degree bends) would really help.

    I haven't heard any descriptions of the toys from the nick event, but I have read very positive things about the toyline and the show. I hope Playmates releases some news about their figures before SDCC.

    In the end, I'm going to be buying all 4 turtles whatever the joints are, so Playmates will be getting their money from me no matter what.

  • What I'm hearing is good stuff. I'm thinking that Playmates will have something at SDCC, but I guess we'll see. I think it depends on what kind of a roll out that Nick has at SDCC.

    Playmates has had their hands tied in a lot of ways in recent years, so now they shouldn't have any excuses on their TMNT line.

  • clark says:

    I finally found some info on the playmates toys. What I've heard is probably the same as you, and it sounds pretty promising; I can't wait to actually see some. However, one thing that bugs me is the idea the turtles having three toes. I know that sometimes there is a somewhat residual toe on the back of the heal, which is fine. But just trying to picture the turtles with three front toes, after twenty-seven years of every version of the turtles having the same basic anatomy, gives me an image of something unsettling.

    Once I actually see it I might not think it's so bad, and I'm sure I'll at least pick up the 4 guys anyway, but I just don't understand why Nick would make that change.

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