Around this time last year Infinite Hollywood was starting to get some traction but we weren’t up to a full time website of awesomeness as we are today. What’s nice about having a site like this is that I can look back and see where I was a year ago today and what interested me. Since I didn’t get a lot of readers back then, I thought this retro post might be fun. So let’s take a little trip in the time machine.

Last year I was talking about how Terminator: TSCC was one of the best shows on television. I still stand by that, as the season came to a close last year I was excited for what the future held. The second season was even better in a lot of ways, but sadly was canceled.

Then there was news of the new TMNT game, a story which I broke with the first pictures from Nintendo Power. With it came pictures of new Mirage style TMNT figs from Playmates. A year later, sadly, those toys still haven’t hit the shelves and Mirage is even more of a mirage than it was then. Check it out:

I got my new Nintendo Power in the mail today and it’s got a sneak peek at an upcoming Ninja Turtle fighting game in it. The TMNT released two fighting games prior, the very fun Tournament Fighters in the 90’s which was like Street Fighter but with TMNT and a more recent game that I haven’t played.

This normally wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but the magazine really puts the game over hard because it’s being designed by the team that put together Smash Brothers Brawl. They say it won’t play exactly like Brawl, but that it should play better and smoother. Including an online mode. That sounds terrific and the graphics look great.

Of course the magazine also gets a few facts wrong, this is clearly based off the TMNT movie although it doesn’t tie into the movie. Apparently Peter Laird helped craft the story and it looks like a lot of fun. The developers said since it’s not actually part of show or movie, they have to make a good game. Which sounds cool. I heard the last TMNT game was crap, although I liked the first two most recently released.

It’ll be out just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the Ninja Turtles next year. If the news keeps being this good, I’ll probably buy it. Sounds like it might be a Wii exclusive too.

Now if we can just get NECA to release the Foot Solider, Shredder, Utrom and April figures soon!

As it turns out the game wasn’t very good. Although I’ve never actually played it, so I wouldn’t know for sure. NECA still hasn’t released any new TMNT either. Jerks.

So that’s just one minor look back into a year ago. What will next year be like? Will my opinions and predictions be so far removed as they were a year ago? We’ll just have to wait and see. I sure hope you’ll be here along for the ride.

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  • PrfktTear says:

    I think I remember this post! 😉 I'm glad your site has grown! Keep up all the good work! I keep mulling around with the idea of starting a blog, but with sites like Poe Ghostal, Articulated Discussion, and this, I don't have to! Plus, it'd involve actual work, and ya know, commitment.

  • PrfktTear says:

    Oh, and yes, sadly we have not seen the Playmates Mirage TMNT figures. Someone REALLY dropped the ball with the Turtles' anniversary. Re-releasing the retro figures was cool, I guess, but since I still have all of them, I really had no reason to pick them up. I'm still toying (pun intended) with the idea of picking up a Raph for MOC purposes to go with my 200x MOC Raph (I love the guy). I've also had my eye on that retro-Party Wagon at TRU. For $20 it ain't bad, and even though I still have my old Wagon, it's seen better days.

    I think the trouble with Turtles is that they couldn't have had a Classics line a la Transformers, G.I. Joe, or He-Man since they already have the 200x Turtles, plus the movie Turtles, so yet another "update" would have been a bit pointless.

    I'm still holding my breath for a NECA Shredder/Foot, but I'll probably drop dead before we ever see that.

  • I agree with what you said about the Classic line, obviously they could have hit a knock out with a classics line with new tooling. EVen better would have been to tie it into Turtles forever…

    THAT SAID, I don't think the Retro line was a super terrible idea as was, but Playmates dropped the ball on the case packouts. Making the line in waves was absolutely stupid. The first wave was all Turtles and that sold quite well. Then the second wave was Splinter, April and Rocksteady & Bebop. That wave sold alright, but not super because April and Splinter are always going to be slower sellers. And then WTF? They never got around to releasing Shredder and the Foot. I personally would have bought a ton of foot. I have a ton of classic Foot already, but I would have bought every one I seen. Instead we get nothing.

  • The first case packout should have been Turtles, 1 Foot and 1 Shredder.
    Second packout should have been Mike, Raph, April, Splinter, Rocksteady, Bebop.
    Finally a refersher wave of Leo, Don, 2 Foot, 2 Shredder.

    Or something along those lines. Prices hurt too, since they wanted $8. They could have charged $6, since the tooling was already done. They were trying to milk the TMNT for one last buck.

    The case packouts didn't have to be like those above, but of all the figures they were re-releasing the Foot should have been heavily packed as people still buy army builders. The Turtles with no Shredder is just silly.

    They definitely dropped the ball. I have high hopes for the TRU exclusive TMNT line though. Maybe we'll get the rest of those Retros.

  • DrNightmare says:

    I think your blog can work if you stick to one thing that no one else does, or do something everyone else does but focus on it and make it outstanding.

    Newton here does something everyone does, post news and reviews, but he breaks news and reviews stuff most people don't know about (like import toys).

  • luke says:

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