Super7 The Worst

The Worst (Midnight Special)
Robot Reaper
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Super 7
$15.00 (Sold in multi-pack for $90)

It’s been a little while since I’ve cranked out any toy reviews, but the 31 Days of Halloween is upon us and this year I intend to unleash a bevy of gruesome goodness your way. Super7 recently released these figures, in their retro “ReAction” type 3 3/4 scale. The Worst, is arguably a terrible name for toys as this review could very well be called “The Worst Action Figure Review” but I assure you these toys are anything but, the worst. In fact, these are some of my favorite figures to come down the pike in a while as they just visually pop and are tons of fun.


Whether you’re a fan of Halloween themed toys, bad guys, generic toy lines or retro figures or not, I think this is definitely a review you’ll want to check out. This guy has a lot of neat features that I believe would appeal to a lot of different collectors. Robot Reaper just has a certain intangible charm about him that’s sure to peak some interest in you.

Robot Reaper is probably the coolest of the group, so I probably should have saved him for last, but I wanted to start off the 31 Days of Halloween with a bang, so the Reaper is the first to get reviewed. Keep checking back all month long and I promise you’ll see in-depth reviews of all of these guys. And while Robot Reaper might be the coolest, they’re all quite awesome.

I’ve mentioned in dozens of my reviews how I’m not a packaging guy… But that has changed over the years. I’ve come to appreciate packaging more and more as the years have went on. Figures like the Robot Reaper, are exactly why.

Each figure in The Worst toy line has a custom card complete with incredible art museum gallery quality artwork by Ed Repka (known for his Megadeth album art). These figures look STUNNING on the card and with their bright colors and cool designs, it’s very tempting to leave them MOC. But toys were meant to be opened, so I did crack these bad boys open.

It’s worth noting that the blister card features a coffin shape plastic bubble, that just takes these toys to a whole other level of cool. They’re very much Halloween toys if you want them to be. Keen eyes will notice that the figures featured on the back of the card are in completely different colors. While this could be a nod to classic toy lines which often had different looking versions of the figures on the back, I’d guess that this is a different colorway that will be released down the line. For all intents and purposes these versions of the figures are the “Midnight Special” versions.

If the bright blues, greens and bits of silver don’t immediately catch your attention then something must be wrong with you. I always say that toys need a certain visual pop appeal and this guy has it in spades. All of The Worst toy line seems to do this well, but Robot Reaper really amps this up with varying shades of blue with little smidgens of other color to really give it some incredible eye candy appeal.

The paint work is fantastic and I’m happy to report that most of the figure is SCULPTED in the appropriate colors, with only a few bits actually being painted. If you’re used to some of the other retro Funko toys, you may note that most of those figures are painted over, whereas the arms, legs, head and torso here are sculpted in blue plastic with paint only on the various other bits.

The paint itself is quite sharp, with little to no slop at all. Again, not to bag on the ReAction figures, but these are clearly painted much, much better. Of course, these figures run about $5 more than the ReAction figures, but it’s good to note that at least that money is going to making sure the paint applications are sharper.

The sculpt has tons of little surprises, with little rips and tears, robotic bits and assorted other accouterments on his garb. While it’s still a simple sculpt overall, it’s chocked full of fun additional details that put this far and away into another category as compared to some of the other figures in this style. Even the much heralded Legends of Cthulu figures don’t have the level of sculpting found on these guys.

The robe as an example, has far more folds and ripples than some comparable figures.

His hands are unique with one side for holding his weapon and the other giving a point of doom.

Overall, the Robot Reaper just has an incredible sculpt that screams playtime. It also screams Halloween. He’s one part Doctor Doom, one part Grim Reaper, all parts awesome.

You wouldn’t expect a Kenner-style retro 3 3/4 figure to have a ton of articulation. So if you played with Kenner’s Star Wars figures in the 1970s, you should know what you’re getting into here.

Robot Reaper has articulation in the arms, legs and head. They’re all simple cuts, but they work well and are perfect for this style of figure. Many people don’t like the “retro” figures like this because of the lack of articulation, but I enjoy it for what it is.


Continuing with the retro theme, Super7 has followed suit by including only one accessory here. That’s pretty much par for the course for figures of that era (although there were exceptions) and Robot Reaper comes with a simple sickle.

The sculpt is nice with a blue blade to match the rest of the blues on the figure, and a brown molded handle.

He can only hold it in one hand, because the other hand is in the aforementioned point. But his hand is sculpted to specifically hold this, so it’s a nice, tight grip.

At around $15 he’s a fairly decent value in my opinion. Yes, that’s more expensive than most of the Funko offerings, but the figure is obviously much better overall. The real breaking point for most people will be spending that much on a 3 3/4 retro figure and of course, the fact that he’s only available as a $90 set known as the Midnight Special. As of this writing, you can still purchase the whole set from, but I’m sure once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 10
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 8
Articulation – 5
Accessories – Sickle
Value – 8
Overall – 9 out of 10

To me, this is a perfect retro figure. While it’s not attached to any particular license, The Worst, is designed to create some generic villains for your other retro figures to fight. I can assure you that had I bought the Robot Reaper when I was 10 years old, he’d quickly taken over the rest of my toys and become one of the chief villains to terrorize my good guys. In that way, Robot Reaper is a nearly perfect toy. Your mileage may vary and I know retro Kenner style figures aren’t for everyone. But to those who get it, I couldn’t recommend this guy any higher.


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  • Dan Stevens says:

    Wow, very cool. I hadn’t seen these guys yet. I’ve only picked up a few of the Funko guys, mostly the Universal Monsters. But this figure looks like the perfect compliment to them. Hopefully Super7 still has some when I get paid.

  • barbecue17 says:

    OK, yes, you totally sold me on this set! Just ordered mine!

    • Newton says:

      Hey that’s pretty good. Hopefully you’ll still stick around for the reviews of the others while you wait for them to come in the mail, haha.

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