MOTUC Mighty Seav-Or

Presenting the newest addition to Masters of the Universe Classics. Inspired by Alan Thicke’s pledge to restore faith in the non-believers…. It’s the MIGHTY SEAV-OR!

The Mighty Seav-Or
Heroic Master of Stay at Home Dad Psychiatry
Real Name: Alanoppenheimer Thicke

In the 2 1/2 Ultimate Battleground, it appeared as though He-Man and all of Eternia was doomed. In the darkest moment of battle through many growing pains, the Mighty Seav-Or appeared to say that they nowhere near the end and that the best was ready to begin. The Masters soon learned that as long as they had each other, they had the whole world sitting right in their hands. Each time He-Man, Gwildor or any of the Masters of the Universe felt down, the Mighty Seav-Or would show his smile again. Eventually he began to use his mystical psychiatry to help reform members of the Horde and sway the disenfranchised enemies of He-Man to swear allegiance to Eternia and to subscribe to the good way of life. This is no time to abandon the universe, but to Master it!

Special thanks to FakeEyes22, Count_Marzo and Cordicon for helping with the concept and bio.

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