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It’s been a hectic week for me (heck a pretty crazy month) but I’m finally getting in another post in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers! This week’s topic of discussion?

In the spirit of Young Indiana Jones, Young Frankenstein, or Young Einstein, come up with a “Young ___” prequel or series…

It seems like a lot of people are struggling with this one, but I think I got a pretty good idea of a “Young” concept that would work. The Young Toxic Avenger! Everyone’s favorite New Jersey superhero but as a kid! Young Toxie is a per-pubescent hideously deformed creature of super human size and strength!

Young Toxic Avenger

I realize of course, it doesn’t really make sense for the Toxic Avenger to be a kid. We already know that as a boy Melvin Ferd was a big nerd. But these “young” concepts often abandon the known canon for something that works for children anyway. This would allow Toxie to deal with school bullies and play more into the theme of the first film. Plus Troma is supposedly going to have Toxic Twins (young Toxie kids) in the newest Toxic Avenger film, so it’s already a concept they’re interested in doing.

Young Toxic Crusader

You could go two routes with this. Make a really disgusting Troma style film, or Troma could once again try to enter the kid’s market like they did with the Toxic Crusaders. If done in cartoon form, adding in young versions of NoZone and Sgt. Kabukiman would make for some classic hijinks and hilarity.

I’m not the only one making classic icons into kids, over at Cool and Collected is checking out Young Clark W. Griswald, while Good Will Hunting 4 Geeks is taking Monsters versus Aliens and making them pre-teens. Finally SpaceManStar is turning everyone’s favorite cartoon video game babe Lara Croft into jail bait!

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