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Post a photo of a shelf of items that displays your love for pop culture.

So this week’s assignment in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers? Posting up a picture of a shelf of your pop culture nerdiness. You’d think for a guy who’s reviewed hundreds of toys on this website, I’d have huge shelves full of action figures. I don’t. In fact I only have a few shelves at all.

A few years ago I used to have an apartment with neat window box style display shelves full of my JLU figures. Of course, if you collect JLU, you know that it was a collection that would constantly fall over. Because you know, JLU figures can’t stand and are made of a plastic so cheap that even bootleg toy makers wouldn’t use it. It sort of soured me on displaying collections. Now most of my toys reside in the basement, AKA Toy Dungeon. It’s not very photogenic.

These days my house has one room where I sort of have stuff on display, but it’s mostly just a few bookshelves that I shoved some of my loose Doctor Who figures in. It’s hardly a nice display shelf. So I opted to take a photo of some of my random DVDs. Yes, a couple toys also appear on the shelf, but that doesn’t really mean they are on display. In fact these shelves are mostly just used when I’m tinkering with a toy or unpacking it after getting it from Ebay. This particular DVD shelf seemed appropriate since it has such an eclectic selection of junk.

Also there’s a Tardis playset on top… Because I have nowhere better to put such a large playset. Maybe I should have put that one into my Top 10 Playsets of All Time, because it’s a beast.

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