I have a dream...
This week’s topic in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is all about your personal dreams. No, not that creepy recurring nightmare where the clown with a huge erection chases you to the tune of Yakety Sax, but rather dreams that you wish could come true. Goals and aspirations in the form of a dream.

We all have them. Some are ambitious, some are farfetched, and some might even be attainable. What’s your dream?

There are lots of things that I want. Truth be told, I could go on for days about my own personal problems. But I think I’d rather write about something topical instead. So what’s my dream?

I have a dream, that one day Masters of the Universe Classics won’t be tied to some arcane subscription model that becomes so divisive for the toy collecting community. You see, just a few weeks ago at SDCC, Mattel rolled out their latest batch of Masters of the Universe Classic announcements. Some of them, like Two-Bad, are awesome. But as always, to get these figures, you have to subscribe to their Club Eternia program filled with other stuff I don’t want and other random figures that I may or may not like. It’s the Russian Roulette of toys.

Two Bad
For years this has been a bane of collectors everywhere, but in recent years it’s really gotten bad. In the old days, the subscription existed purely to prevent hardcore collectors from missing key figures due to quick sellouts and an almost unbearable MattyCollector website. Somewhere along the way the subscription essentially became mandatory, forcing you to buy every figure that came down the pike, whether you liked it or not. This all led to last year, where MOTUC seem poised to have a breaking point. If you didn’t subscribe, the line was going to end.

I promised myself I was out last year, but then at the last minute, they swore that Ram Man would never get made if the sub didn’t go through. Like a putz, I fell for it. With it last year came a wave of nauseating fan cannibalism, as those who were against the sub or wanted change, were drowned out by the pathetic pleas and disdain of grown men who wanted their toys and felt you were standing in their way. Unfortunately, only a week after SDCC this year… It’s happening again.

My dream is for this to end. I don’t want to have to buy a dozen figures I don’t want. I feel like the years of blind purchases I’ve put in, should qualify me for that. Being a member of the MOTUC subscription has forced me to get terrible figures like the Star Sisters, crap I didn’t want like Count Marzo, all the while not guaranteeing me figures I actually wanted like Strobo. There’s only a handful of MOTUC figures left that I even want… But now I must suffer through another few weeks of fan panhandling, bickering and ultimately buying into an expensive subscription and only getting a few of the things I truly want.

This will continue on, forever, ad-nausea I’m certain. But my dream, is that one day, fans and hardcore collectors can come together and just enjoy this toy line for the great He-Man line that it is. That fans will be able to buy the MOTUC figures that they want, when they want. That my wants won’t stop you from getting what you want and vice-versa. All of us coming together, while not worrying about how many subscriptions are sold or what god-awful abomination we’re forced to buy to get the figures we want. That day my friends, is a true dream.

Elsewhere in the League, Nerdless Essentials wants other toy lines from his past to be revived, while Mos Espa has big dreams fro Hollywood.

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  • clark says:

    It just makes it worse that Mattel created this vitriolic environment. As you pointed out, the subscription was originally a convenience for those who knew they wanted everything. Then Mattel saw the dollar signs and shifted the whole line to what is now essentially subscription only.
    With that, now you have true fans who subscribe and the best of the best when it comes to the collecting community, and those who don’t truly care about MOTU in their hearts, and aren’t very good people in general who only buy the figures they want or can afford.

    • Newton says:

      Pretty much. It’s frustrating and just taxing on a lot of levels. It takes so much of the fun out of MOTUC.

  • Tarman13 says:

    I have the same delema, and more and more they have MORONS like this Manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich— I remember bumbing into this Jerk at SDCC last year and asked him is RAM MAN’s being made? all i get is his nerding ass in my face saying “would you pay $30.00 more to have this figure because they all would be NEW parts” i hate this guy seriously… and this is why Mattel is doing the subscriptions CRAP!!!

    I managed to get the RAM MAN with a friend’s help using his subscription but unfortunally Fang-Man & Clamp Champ were available only to subscribers and NOT to the public—it’s better off having Mattel killing this line altogether— i too feel your Pain.

    I have a total of 28 figures so far and this was all done all by friends and EBAY!!! including Fisto, Clamp Champ, Orko Etc. i have NOT gotten Teela, Beast-Man and a few Hotties i paid for Sorceress but was lost in the mail—(So Mad) well i’m done with Mattel, so if i have to to pay the extra bucks to get certain MOTUC figures on Ebay— so be it.

  • Joe B says:

    I don’t collect anything by subscription so I don’t have first hand experience, but I know a few people on the RS boards really wish Hasbro would offer a subscription model for the Star Wars line.

    That said though, the idea of not being able to find this line in stores and being forced to buy everything in the hope of getting the figure you’re after doesn’t sound very appealing. I’m not sure if it contributes to the cost as well, but the MOTUC line has always been way too expensive to pick up here in the UK (from speciality stores and the like).

  • Agent 86 says:

    Excellent post. It’s bizarre that the subscription started out as a request from the fans to avoid dealing with mattycollector.com on a monthly basis and somehow Mattel has turned it around and tried to package the subscription as being essential for the continuation of MOTUC.

    It’s even more bizarre that it has taken Toyguru until 2013 to realise that most fans don’t want a large number of concept characters, proto-type characters or characters that had a single appearance in a Filmation episode or mini-comic in MOTUC. What fans mostly want are updated, modern action figures based on their beloved childhood toys!

    Finally, it is also bizarre that despite Toyguru’s statements that 100% was the “bare minimum” required, when they received 135% of subscription sales in 2013 (thanks to a suspicious last minute hike) that somehow permitted the inclusion of a LOT of extra merchandise for MOTUC, including the Filmation subscription, Sky Sled and Sky High, Weapons Packs, tiered bases/stands and Castle Grayskull!

  • _RZ_ says:

    To me what takes the fun out of MOTUC in 2013 is the other fans. It is really disheartening and disturbing how fans and many other sites are “panhandling” for Matty, by attacking their fellow fans. The sub was originally a way for fans to get EVERYthing. Now it’s the only way to get ANYthing?

    I was pretty sad to watch people gang up on Facebook and He-Man.Org on their fellow fans (some of whom I remember as collectors in the mid-late 90’s!) so they could puff their chests out to others. It’s pretty disturbing, shallow, and pathetic.

    I was on the fence this year (I can afford to sub and want most of the line) and was close to not subbing due to the Clamp Champ/Fang Man issues. But the rank attitudes of some people out there (especially on FB)- that is what made me say “No.” The entitlement and lack of empathy for others is truly at its highest levels since 2008, and is something I do not want to support in any way.

    Arguing for/against Vikor is one thing, different tastes for different people; attacking people who have been hardcore for twenty years? Making fun of those who can’t financially commit to over $500+ of toys blind? Criticizing others who want one or two, calling them names or questioning their fandom? Buying up dozens of toys you already have at Big Lots, taking bragging pictures, and then putting them up on eBay so you can make, what $20-30? Doing someone’s job for them? Attacking your friends because they won’t commit half a grand plus blind? Supporting a company over a person? Lying to yourself to cover someone who is selling you something?

    What would He-Man do, would he put other people down, or turn a blind eye to dishonesty, just so he could get more action figures? You can’t ignore the previous sentence and be a “real fan.”

  • Big j says:

    Here here, I refuse to do the subscription model based solely on the fact that I don’t want to pay for a bunch of crap figures for the few i might actually want, and whole Mattel could easily have made decent money selling a smaller line for about half that at toys or us and the like (look at how dc figures do there) and probably generated more interest in future generations of fans, Mattel seems to prefer strip mining the diehard fans with tactics that only help to lose fans.funnily I prefer the 200x line of figures which are in far less demand because fane either look for the original figures or the current line I have been able to get greyskull, And a bunch more of the 200x line on ebay for a ton less!

  • As the most casual of fans out there, i can tell you that I would love to have a small number of the MOTU line on my shelf, but I would NEVER subscribe to this sort of scheme. I guess if I ever want a He-Man on my shelf, I’ll just have to throw my money towards a scalper. Strange way of doing business if you ask me.

    • _RZ_ says:

      I don’t think they understand that if a customer spends $75 on a figure on eBay, they only get $30 of that at matty’s site. If they buy the figure on matty.com they are more likely to add-on a second or third figure, which would net matty $60. The secondary market really helps no one in the long run.

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