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Even the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is getting into the Halloween spirit. So what’s the topic this time around?

Remember when Halloween was a big deal? I mean, a BIG deal? What was the most legendary costume you ever wore? What would you dress up as this year?

I could go on and on about some of the legendary costumes I had both as a kid and as an adult. Halloween has always been a big time for me and with the exception of only a handful of years in my entire life, I’ve always dressed up. In fact I’m trying to find a way to get a costume this year. I just haven’t quite figured out an excuse yet.

Ninja Turtles Halloween Mask

Just recently I shared a story with my girlfriend about a Halloween back in 1988. At the time, the Ninja Turtles craze was just starting to sweep the nation. Naturally, I and about a billion other kids wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. There weren’t much in the way of “official” costumes back then because it was so early in the Turtles era. However one company did put out official masks. Oddly enough they only had Leo and Raph masks.

I originally thought this was because Don or Mikey were more popular, but upon doing a recent search I can’t find any proof that anyone other than Leo or Raph was made back then. I think a few years later they added them in, but the masks were different. Anyway, I desperately wanted to be Michelangelo. I managed to find a pretty neat Turtle costume, which was unlike any other I saw that year (and there were a TON of turtles out) and I personally think it was the best.

But the mask still presented a problem. My Dad wasn’t always the most friendly person in the world back then, (turns out living with my Mom didn’t make him very happy) but around Halloween he was always great at getting costumes. We looked EVERYWHERE for a Mikey mask, but there just weren’t any to be found. So what did ol’ resourceful Dad do? He bought a Leo mask and painted it orange.

Vintage Ninja Turtle Halloween Mask
Artist’s recreation.

It turned into a HUGE hit. I was the only kid in town with a Michelangeo Ninja Turtle mask. I got a ton of questions about “how did you get that?” and “where did you find that?”. It was like being a celebrity or something. I clearly had the best TMNT costume in town. With my unique turtle outfit and custom nunchucks and mask, I was the king of Halloween… Or something.

I also vividly remember that my cousin, who I used to trick or treat with, was Bart Simpson. After we were done collecting candy, we spent the better part of the night playing in our costumes as the characters. The storyline involved Bart Simpson and Mikey teaming up to face Shredder and a bunch of monsters. It sounds lame, but I assure you it was epic at the time.

Factory X Doctor Doom

The most expensive costume I’ve ever put together was my Dr. Doom costume from a few years ago. You’d think I’d have a bunch of pictures, but honestly at the time digital cameras weren’t as prevalent as they are now and although someone in my family got a few shots, I don’t have any of them. Anyway, the costume was several hundred dollars in the making because I bought 3/4s of a suit of armor to wear. It was heavy, expensive and I still get emails from Therion Arms’ website as a result.

The armor was cumbersome and I had to learn all these armor terms to even know how to properly search it out. I had the Factory X Doctor Doom mask, back when it cost $200 or whatever. Shame I didn’t pick up a Rocketeer helmet instead. Those go for big bucks now. I had my GF sew me a tunic and the cape/robe. It was impressive. Unfortunately, even though the costume rocked then… I still have this armor floating around in my basement and have no use for it. Crap was too costly to just throw it out, but it’s probably too much of a hassle to sell on Ebay. Oh well.

Knight armor

Back then we were going to a huge Halloween party nearly every year and getting completely trashed. Here I was in armor with my head covered, my arms all the way to the top of my shoulders, my legs and feet all in armor parading around drunk with a bunch of other drunks. It was insane, honestly. It was probably the best costume I’ve ever had…

As for what I’d dress up this year? There’s just a few things left on my checklist of costumes I’d really want to wear. I’ve always liked pumpkin head things, so possibly some sort of Headless Horsemen costume or Samhain. Likewise, I’ve always wanted to have a Shredder costume. I’ve done all the other big villains like Joker, Cobra Commander, etc. So that is one I’ve always wanted to do right.

I’m not the only one making classic icons into kids, over at Q the adult is going as some Lichtenstein instead of Frankenstein, while Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang is showing off his 1988 costume as well and it’s NOT A TURTLE! Rounding things out is AEIOU with a long post of Creepy Costumes he’s worn!

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