In 1991, a little known film hit the circuit called Shattered. Mostly a Tom Berenger vehicle, it provided a lot of twists and turns and worked as a perfect mystery drama. The cinemas seem devoid of this sort of atmosphere these days, but what if Shattered was remade using today’s stars?

Shattered Movie at Infinite Hollywood

Shattered is a movie produced, written and directed by Wolfgang Peterson, based on a novel (The Plastic Nightmare) by Richard Neely. It’s about an architect named Dan Merrick, who along with his wife, is in a horrific car accident. Although they both survive, Merrick awakens from the life shattering car accident with amnesia. To make matters worse, he has to go through a lot of plastic surgery just to look like a regular guy again.

As his wife Judith tries to help him remember his past life, Dan can’t help but feel something isn’t right. When he stumbles across pet shop owner and part time private detective Gus Klein, whom he apparently hired before the accident, several threads unravel giving Merrick more questions than answers. Eventually Dan Merrick must find out the mystery behind his life before the accident, in this twisted journey of double cross and self-discovery.

Tom Berenger and Bradley Cooper

Dan Merrick was originally played by Tom Berenger, who is perfect for a movie about a guy who’s had plastic surgery. Berenger always looked pretty rugged, but had some mildly handsome traits. Cooper is obviously much more dashing, but he’s shown that he’s capable of performing someone who may have a bit of a haunted past, as seen in his performance in Midnight Meat Train. I suspect Hollywood would want a sexier leading man these days, so Cooper is a nice fit.

Jessica Biel remake

In the original, Greta Scacchi plays Dan’s wife Judith. Is she hiding something more than she’s willing to let on? For this role you need someone who is definitely gorgeous, but perhaps could have a devious side as well. Since we’re aging down the roles a bit, Jessica Biel will work nicely as our leading lady in this remake.

Corbin Bernsen and Jude Law

Corbin Bernsen played Jeb Scott, Merrick’s former business partner and friend. Scott reveals some disturbing information about Merrick’s life before the accident and tells him that he wasn’t such a nice guy. For this role, you need someone who looks like they might be lying or even hiding something. Jude Law makes an apropos choice.

Mila Kunis, Joanne Whalley

Joanne Whalley was Jenny Scott, Jeb’s wife, who is a seductress and bearer of conflicting information. Mila Kunis seems like a reasonable person for this part. I could even see this role being beefed up a bit and to throw a few more twists into the plot with her in the role.

Bruce Campbell, Bob Hoskins

Arguably the most important part of the whole movie, is the colorful Gus Klein who was portrayed by Bob Hoskins in the original. I’m inclined to just plug Hoskins back into the role, as he virtually looks the same as he did back then… But this is supposed to be a remake, so I’m going with Bruce Campbell. This has to be a strong, but quirky character actor as he’s a part time pet shop owner and part time private detective. Campbell’s turn as Sam Axe in Burn Notice give him just the right characteristics for this role, assuming he doesn’t ham it up too much. Plus I’m a nerd and I’m being given the charge of remaking a movie, why wouldn’t I try to force Bruce Campbell in somewhere?

Shattered Remake

So there you go, my remake cast of 1991’s Shattered. Never heard of Shattered? Go check it out on Netflix or rent it. Just be careful not to get the Pierce Brosnan movie of the same name. That movie came out in 2007 and was originally titled “Butterfly on a Wheel” and has nothing to do with this low budget mystery classic.

I’m not in the League of remakes alone! Elsewhere fellow LOEB member Cool and Collected is also remaking a Tom Berenger movie, proving that we can’t leave Berenger’s classics alone. Monster Cafe is going out of this world with this remake of The Earthling. Last but not least, Dork Horde is rebooting Beastmaster and doesn’t go with the obvious choice of casting Neil Patrick Harris in the lead.

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