Back in 2006 a little known Korean movie company put together one of the best science fiction/horror movies of recent memory. One part black comedy, one part political statement and all parts story of revenge the Host or Gwoemul as it was known in many parts of the world shocked audiences and surprised people with it’s unique depictions of characters and bizarre story.

A few years later the monster designs and some of the general premise was ripped off in JJ Abrams Cloverfield. However for fans of the original Host movie we have yet to get a sequel. Considering that the film was a hit in almost all markets (unheard of for most foreign films, especially Korean ones) it’s a bit of a surprise that no news has been made about a sequel.

Until now! ScifiJapan reports that a Gwoemul/Host sequel is in the process and should be ready by sometime in 2011. It could be even later before it appears on American shores though. Will six years be too long to wait for a sequel? Uh, yeah, that’s a long wait but it also means they’ll have time to put together a good script and finalize some great special effects and hopefully it’ll be good.

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  • Gilltron says:

    That is great news!!! I like everyone else loved the Host and Cloverfield was alright but really great news to hear.


    Wasn’t the monster killed in the end how are they going to bring it back?

  • As if killing a monster has ever stopped it from coming back? LOL…

    In a more logical bit of reasoning… Since we never got a full explanation as to what created the creature, one would assume others could have beenb mutated. Or maybe it had babies? Seems as though they touched on that a bit in the film as well (but it’s been a while since I saw it) that perhaps there could have been more out there.

    Cloverfield I don’t think is a direct ripoff, but I do think some of it was inspired by the Host. The two movies are pretty massively different (Host being much better IMO) but there had to be some inspiration going on there.

  • NewtonsGrubby says:

    Spoiler ALERT!!!!
    Its gonna be a PREquel. And cmon, stop knocking Clovy. It was original and unique in its own way. Not that I would be one of those type of guys who got so wrapped up in the viral marketing 9 months before the movie came out, before it had a title, before anything but the teaser had been shot….. Not me. But Cloverfield and The Host were great flicks. If you want a little more info and an awesome screenshot of Host 2 follow the yellow brick URL…..

  • NewtonsGrubby says:
  • Ken says:

    This seems like a strange film to make a follow up to…I know its initial release was relatively well received, on DVD atleast. But a sequel? I dunno if it’ll hold the emotional, or family bonds that made the first movie strong/entertaining.

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