My buddy and fellow Infinite Hollywood contributor, Wesitron, turned me on to this a couple days ago. Go, Go, Dynamo is producing a new toy line called “The Hero Project” and need funding through Kickstarter. It begins with a simple figure, the Hindu folklore hero Rama, and has potential to grow from there. Go, Go, Dynamo is a group of toy creators who’ve worked in the industry (at places like Hasbro) for years and are responsible for toys like Xevoz and GI Joe: Sigma 6. The Sigma 6 figures were some of the best designed toys in decades and it’s clear that these guys had a heavy influence on them. Unlike a lot of Kickstarter projects, this is not an attempt by some hackneyed amateurs trying to make their first toys. These guys are professionals.

Now that they’re on their own, they want to essentially create a new line that’s very much like Sigma 6, but without the blocky anime styling. It’s based on traditional world heroes of myth and legend. Rama is their first figure and honestly, I think it’s a really bad first choice. Don’t get me wrong, Rama is popular enough and it’s certainly not the first time someone has done a figure of Rama. It’s just that, so shortly after Avatar, the figure looks like an Avatar guy.

I’m also not super sold on the smiling head sculpt. Part of what these guys want to do is to teach children about the characters and the line seems to be more of a highbrow educational toy, rather than a wicked awesome collector’s toy. Even so, the accessories and engineering for Rama looks great.

That said, the hope is that they will be able to make a lot of figures and the main hurdle is getting that first figure made with the major tooling. After the core tooling is created, it’ll be a lot easier to create future figures using their super articulated universal body (UniBody) system. Unfortunately at the moment, they’re a long way away from meeting their funding goal of $125,000! The deadline is August 8th.

The good news is, that unlike a lot of Kickstarter projects, you don’t have to donate hundreds of dollars to actually get the product. There’s an Earlybird package that only costs $30, and the regular figure price package is only $35! That means you can still get in and fund the figure and actually receive it. There are other packages and most of them are pretty good and not filled with tons of stickers, t-shirts and other pointless stuff that most Kickstarter packages include.

You can contribute at any amount. Don’t have $30? You can donate a $1! Pledge hundreds of dollars if you want. There’s lot of incentives.

The reason I’m supporting this line? John Henry. Well that and I loved the Sigma 6 toys. I’d love a really cool John Henry figure. When Wesitron sent me the link, I immediately told him that I want a John Henry figure. John Henry is like my favorite American folklore character and I really wish Go, Go, Dynamo would have selected someone like him to be the first figure. Of course they haven’t even announced a John Henry figure, so maybe it’s all a pipe dream on my part.

Anyway, I’ve contributed and I’d like to see this project go through. While I would have selected an American folklore character to be the debut figure, I love the upside of this project. There’s still time to get in on the ground level. If all goes well, I could be playing with this figure by this time next year! You can find out all the appropriate details, including a nice video with tons of information at the Kickstarter Project Page and let the guys know Infinite Hollywood sent ya!

6 Responses to The Hero Project – New Toys of Legendary Heroes

  • Supes says:

    Cool looking figure, and a neat idea. But their project is going to tank! The characters they've selected are all snores-ville!

  • I'm not super sold on some of the choices, particularly Rama himself, as mentioned above. But I'm willing to add him to the collection if it'll get this project off the ground. I think the money raising goal is the biggest issue. They need a lot of money. Although the number has went up pretty nicely in the last couple days.

  • jestergoblin says:

    I want to support this, but the 8 inch scale kills it for me. I honestly don't get why they are going so big with it.

  • I think because the larger scale allows for soft goods that can dramatically alter a figure's looks. Soft goods doesn't work on smaller scale figures, but does on 8 inch guys. Well that and these dudes used to do Sigma 6, so they like that size.

  • wesitron says:

    They also mentioned that 8" scale allows for functional accessories like Rama's bow, so it'll actually shoot the arrows on his back. I'm not sure what others they have planned, but Sigma 6's accessories were all pretty fun and inventive.

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