Online forums are generally full of strange folks. Some of them are just moderately different and some are downright jerks. But have you ever met anyone that was just completely insane? Not sort of crazy, or “He’s carzy cause he believes that movie is better than this one”… But like, probably needs to be put in a padded room insane?

I can think of a few on some of the forums I visit, but there was one guy who I used to constantly have run ins with on a particular forum who I always found very annoying. He got banned from most of the sites I visit, so I hadn’t thought about him or seen any of his posts in several years.

Last night I decided to Google him. I have no idea why, but I was largely wondering what ever happened to him. He’s not on any forums I visit anymore and I kind of wondered if he’d grown up. So I decided to see if Google brought anything up.

Almost instantly it brought up a bunch of stuff, but I figured it was unrelated because this was a bunch of conspiracy theory stuff. As it turns out, this conspiracy theory guy was indeed my old forum foe. I got into reading some of his stuff and realized that he had gone completely off the reservation… Like so much so that he thought the US Government was trying to kill him and that he’s constantly exposing vast conspiracies against him.

Needless to say I one, felt validated because pretty much any argument I’d ever had with him clearly I’d just won because he was nuts and two, felt kind of afraid. How many people are on forums with you right now, who are secretly (or not so secretly) completely insane?

You might be discussing Batman Begins or Ninja Turtles with someone who is completely LOONEY TOONS!

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