Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday but my modem just completely stopped working. Nothing changed, nothing happened, it just died. I was playing some poker online, then went to go watch some TV and I come back to find a computer that won’t access the internet. Thankfully I found an old modem I had and spent a few hours hooking everything up once I decided my other one was toast, but it presents a bit of a problem because this new (old) modem can only run one computer and no wireless. It’s better than NO internet, but I still have issues.

Anyhow, the last time I ran one of these “Best Shows on Television” articles the show got canceled. So hopefully I’m not jinxing this show to Terminator’s fate. The show I’m here to talk about is still in it’s infancy but it’s rapidly becoming a great dramedy I can enjoy with my girlfriend.

The show I’m speaking of is Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. DirecTV gave me Showtime for free this past year and while the package of channels is largely a bust (Seriously Showtime sucks, aside from the occasional skin flick which lost it’s cool in 1997, there isn’t a ton on the stations) I have found that a couple of their shows are entertaining. I decided to give Nurse Jackie a shot because there hasn’t been much on during the summer.

Nurse Jackie in a nutshell is Rescue Me with nurses. It stars Edie Falco from Sorpanos fame in the head role as Nurse Jackie. The show has a ton of parallels to Rescue Me (The single best show on TV, BTW) in that the characters are likeable but heavily flawed. The show also mirrors the FX classic in the sense that the show feels very real with real situations that no doubt arise, but it’s clearly a TV show as some of the things that happen are pretty impossible or at the very least rare occurrences.

One of the nice aspects of the show is much like the aforementioned Rescue Me, the characters look real. No one in this cast is particularly attractive which brings it above shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ER where everyone is a cover model. I think this show’s main demographic is women with most of the characters being females or homosexual, but that’s not to say that men aren’t well represented on the show. In fact on the whole program the two most honest and kind people are actually men. Of course those characters also both happen to be the romantic interests of Edie Falco’s character. Her husband and pharmacist lover, respectively.

That’s where the show’s strong suits are. Nurse Jackie is a nice lady, but a bit of a hard ass and yet she’s brutally flawed. She has a good husband at home, but still feels the need to have sex with the hospital’s pharmacist. She can’t grasp why her oldest daughter is beginning to unravel despite the fact that Jackie is never home to show her the attention that a child needs. Her lover has no idea she’s married and she freaks out when he starts trying to have a real relationship with her. Oh and then there’s her nasty addictions where she snorts crushed vicodin.

Dr. Cooper is the pretty boy hot shot, who grabs boobs when he gets nervous.

There’s something great about a show that presents real people even if through the lens of a false reality. Nurse Jackie is a fun show and definitely could be something where you could get emotionally invested. It’s not as good as Rescue Me and it certainly hasn’t been as tragic or emotionally powerful, but the traits are there. It’s a good show for you fellas to watch with your lady friends or even on your own. Highly recommended to fans of Rescue Me or good comedy/dramas.

I’m not sure it’s worth ordering Showtime for, but if you have Showtime, this is a decent reason to keep it.

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  • Wes says:

    I know nothing about this show and tend to loathe shows like it — these “comedy/dramas” cause me physical pain to watch — but I just wanted to point out that everyone on “Grey’s Anatomy” (which I also do not watch, aside from the occasional minute or two that precedes me changing the channel in disgust) is not a cover model. Looking at Sandra Oh seriously makes me want to vomit.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. 😉

  • Well Sandra Oh isn’t a knockout, but she’s probably the most common looking person on the show.

    Let’s just say the majority of the casts tend to be pretty folk and most of these people are common.

    I wouldn’t say that this show, or Rescue Me fall under the normal range of a comedy/drama, but it’s hard to class them as anything else.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I totally LOVE this show and the fact that you watch it with me 🙂

    – Beth, the GF

  • Anonymous says:

    Showtime is better than HBO. Nurse Jackie is great, and I think it says something pretty remarkable that Edie Falco is now on Showtime, but aren’t you forgetting so much more? What about Dexter? Michael C. Hall one of the most interesting characters on TV. David Duchovny in Californication is hilarious. The one-liners are priceless. Mary Louise Parker in Weeds along with Elizabeth Perkins are priceless. . .I guess what I’m getting at is there is ALOT on Showtime to enjoy. I didn’t even mention INSIDE THE NFL, The Tudors, This American Life, or The United States of Tara. If you’re a Diablo Cody fan, you should be watching this show. Why? Because she wrote it. Sounds like you should set your DVR and have a couple more date nights!

  • I guess I prefer HBO’s shows. Flight of the Concords, Curb Your Enthusiam, etc. They hooked me with shows like Deadwood, Rome and 6 Feet Under… But I haven’t watched a ton of their newer shows either.

    Showtime’s movie lineup sucks though, that’s my main issue with them.

    I’ve been meaning to watch Weeds, because I hear good things about that, but I’m like 50 seasons behind so it’s doubtful I’ll start it.

    I do watch Bullshit though, that’s a good show.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hear you on the movies. . .Movies are key.. .but these days I can get them from everywhere it seems before they are on HBO/Starz/Showtime. ..they are so secondary for me. . .and seriously. . .Kevin Nealon on Weeds is screamingly funny. Have you checked Netflix?

  • I could probably get them on Netflix, though I’m always Netflixing other stuff.

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