So here’s some links to stuff you might have otherwise missed. Obviously you should spend every day here at Infinite Hollywood and come back multiple times a day, but here’s the best of what’s around on other places in the interwebs. Check these things out and then immediately come back here. Because you know I love you.

Over at the Fwoosh they have a cool thread on army building. A lot of these armies are pretty paltry in comparison to many 3 3/4 armies but I have to give these guys credit for creating such impressive 6 inch armies. Thankfully I try to keep most my army building to the 3.75 scale. Fwoosh

They have a pretty hilarious video from Youtube over at Topless Robot. I was inclined to just post the Youtube link, but since Topless Robot was the one who found it, I’ll give them credit. It’s basically a garage band playing their custom Halloween song but it’s pretty funny. Topless Robot Halloween Song

Friend of Infinite Hollywood, Wes Crayon has his wacky perverse sense of humor on display with another neat little web comic. He’s also trying to get me to like that NECA Chun-Li figure, but I remain displeased. Still you’ll definitely want to check out his latest: Dusty Plastic Hellside

If you’re at all interested in wrestling, specifically of the TNA kind you can check out one of my columns over at, where I’ve been writing for some time now. In the latest edition, I discuss Hulk Hogan coming to TNA, Angelina Love leaving TNA and other randomness. The Professor’s Position

7 Responses to The Best of What’s Around…

  • DrNightmare says:

    Damn, I could have sworn Hogan was over 60 by now, but if he’s still got the juice, then I’ve got the straw and will gladly suck sweet Hulkamania nectar from his veins once again!

    ….ew, lol.

    And yeah, Wes is crazy, liking Chun Li over Cammy, what is that all about!?

  • Kyle says:

    I know its based on the style from the game, but It’s just funny at how large Chun Li’s thighs are.

  • Michael says:

    I’d like someone, preferably a Japanese company, to do nice King of Fighters figures. Between Capcom’s years of apathy on the subject and my dislike of SF IV (not to mention SNK’s better job of making characters grow and seem alive) my interest in SF is much less than it once was.

  • EDC says:

    more thigh than human sadly.

  • Gilltron says:

    Chun Li’s thighs may be videogame accurate but they are just too ridiculous.

  • Wes says:

    Whatever, her thighs are lovely… and it’s about time a figure got those right, what with the comparatively normal proportions of the CvS2 Chun-Li and the anorexic SOTA version. And Nightmare, Cammy wishes she had thighs like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Michael: The CvS2 figures from High Dream are decent, so if you’re in the market for Kyo, Iori, or Mai you can find some KoF figure love there. They also made Haohmaru on the SNK side.

    Anyway, thanks for the plug, Newt! I know one of these days you’ll come around to SFIV Chun-Li’s corner… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • DrNightmare says:

    Cammy wishes she had thighs like that…to beat you with!

    BAM baby!

    …I’ll just move along now xP

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