There’s a lot of websites out there, so every now and again I like to highlight stuff that’s worth checking out. Given that it’s October you might think this would be Halloween themed, but no… I’m tricky like that. If you like this site… You might like this stuff too!

Over at BattleGrip, Philip is keeping a steady grip on the battle by reviewing around 30 resin toys this year. Mr. Reed is one of the few guys who collects “real” toys and also dabbles in the resin world of high art toys as well. It’s definitely something different and people should look at stuff that isn’t just from the big two toy companies.

This past weekend, my GF suggested we rent “The Human Centipede”. I had heard about it on the internet, but despite encouraging her not to rent it… We did anyway. It wasn’t THAT bad. But the fact that someone made a classic Centipede clone video game of it? I don’t know what to say other than go play the Human Centipede Video Game!

Not that he needs any help from me, but Michael’s got the Tron Movie Figures reviewed. I doubt I’ll buy any of these unless I find them on clearance. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would have preferred translucent throwback figures to the original line. I love me some translucent.

Did you know you can follow me on Twitter? I know, I didn’t know that either! I just assumed I was Tweeting to the vast empty cyberspace, but as it turns out, people can follow me. Why aren’t you following me? It’s where you can find out my latest reviews and random ramblings on unreleased Ernest movies!

Plaid Stallions helps you remember the parts of several decades that most people want to forget. It’s plenty of 70’s fashion mockery and other fun stuff. Brick Mantooth is a pimp!

As always, if you stop by any of these sites, let them know that Infinite Hollywood sent ya! And now you know the BEST OF WHAT’S AROUND!

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