We’ve been trying to keep the Halloween spirit alive all month this year with our 31 Days of Halloween, but we’re not the only ones celebrating October’s spookiest night. Plenty of my pals out there in the pop culture and toy world are putting out content as well. So today we’re checking in with a special

Halloween Edition of The Best of What’s Around!

Philip Reed has been taking a look at all sorts of Halloween related goodness this week and you’ll definitely want to check in there for some ghastly features on this final night of All Hallow’s Eve. Battle Grip: Halloween Week

Over at Articulated Discussion they’re celebrating 7 Nights of Halloween and they’ve been working hard to make figures celebrate the holiday. Articulated Discussion: 7 Nights of Halloween

OAFE is one of the oldest toy review websites out there so they get a pass for dusting off some old reviews this season. It’s like someone giving you old candy, but it still tastes good. They got some spiffy new content mixed in too. OAFE.Net Halloween

Ever wondered where the nonsense about Scare Glow being Skeletor’s Ghost came from? Well it started as a Halloween post over at X-E and took on a life of it’s own in a Halloween Meme kinda deal. Check it out Evil Ghost of Skeletor as well as their 2009 Halloween celebration. Because honestly, it’s not Halloween without X-E’s Halloween Countdown and the rest of us are just posers to it’s awesomeness.

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