It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “Best of What’s Around” segments, but it’s something I want to get back to doing somewhat more regularly. Today we’re looking at Fare Necessities food blog. Although the blog is only 2 months old, there are quite a few recipes to be had that are not only tasty, but easy to make. Several new recipes are added every week. There are also restaurant reviews and a whole plethora other all things food. It can help you with your daily meal preparation. Everybody’s gotta eat!

One of the areas we’re trying to expand here at Infinite Hollywood is our Infinite Cuisine category. It’s where we look at a variety of pop culture as it relates to food. With that in mind, we’ll be teaming up with the creator of the Fare Necessities blog to do some creative projects in the weeks and months ahead to help expand upon this idea.

So check out Fare Necessities for everyday food recipes and check back here soon for some out of this world nerd foodery in conjunction with them.

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