Believe it or not, I got friends in low places… Okay maybe they aren’t in LOW places, but they are in places. Web places. What am I getting at here? Ah some cool links you should check out if you get some free time. It’s the season for giving. Let’s get going shall we?

Although he’s a walking fool, Philip J. Reed always has some interesting stuff over at BattleGrip and this week is no exception as he has a look at some good Glyos deals. I still haven’t gotten a Glyos figure as they seem a tad costly, but I’m sure once I do I’ll be hooked. I’m lucky that I’ve gotten into Mego instead. Battle Gripped Glyos

The nice guys over at It’s All True have been carrying my link for a while, so I figure I should return the favor. I’d like to think they’re more or less the opposite of Infinite Hollywood. While everything here is crusty and organic, everything there is shiny and clean. Make of that what you will. They also seem to have a better relationship with Mattel than I do. It’s All True

Are you following me on Twitter? If not why? I mean I’m updating my status all the time with tweets that can’t be beat. Like this gem from yesterday: “Almost sold my integrity for $1. Not saying much, is it?” How can you miss out on stuff like that?! Fresh Christmas Tweets

Stuck in the 80’s? This guy is stuck in the 70’s! He’s been trying to escape for years, but all the plaid and polyester have kidnapped his family and threatened to dress them if he doesn’t stay there. It’s like the Mystery Science Theater of 70’s Sears Catalogs. Plaid Stallions

Every year X-E does some really cool holiday themed stuff. They’re doing some this year as well and you’re encouraged to check that out, but first take a look at this little piece from 2006. I dig that Christmas Tree butter… I remember the first time I saw “lamb” butter at my GF’s family’s Christmas… Or was that Easter? Whatever the mental scars are still there. Butter should come in two forms, tub and stick. 5 Christmassy Things

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