Today is Austin 3:16 day! Yes, it’s 3/16 and what better what to honor the master of the Stone Cold Stunner, than to give out some links to other places that are doing awesome stuff!

First up our good buddy Bill White has a great post up on his site about an old War of the Worlds comic book, that’s worth a read. He just updated it today as well. Bill White Cartoons HELL YEAH!

Those SOBs over at Planned Banter just put out a new episode of their podcast and if you’re not listening, then you’re missing out. Also check out Jaysun’s top ten guitarists. Planned Banter WHAT?

Texas Rattlesnake Philip J. Reed talks about a new game which you can Kickstart, that’s similar to Fireball Island… At least I hope it is. Battlegrip WHAT?

Bionic Redneck Poe Ghostal reviewed the toughest son of a you know what ghost, BLINKY! Blinky don’t take no trash talk from anybody, but if you don’t believe me READ THE REVIEW SON!

Last but certainly not least, this time last year I reviewed a Macho Man Randy Savage Defining Moments figure. Check it out, or I’ll whip your ass! AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE, CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!

And remember on 3/16 DTA! Don’t Trust Anybody! Also feel free to open up a can of whoop ass on your boss, teacher or parental unit. Now gimme a hell yeah!

I’ve traveled the world the last few years,
Sometimes I think of home,
and even Stone Cold has to fight the tears.

Another car, bus, or plane takes me to far away places,
But what I remember most is all the smiling faces.

Short people, tall people, people with glasses,
The bottom line is I’ll whip all your asses.

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