Not much going on this weekend, but I thought it would be cool to show you a couple of sites that might tickle your fancy in another BEST OF WHAT’S AROUND! Here’s two websites I recently discovered that fit into two different niches, but both likely would appeal to someone who reads this blog. And hey, one of them is free!

A while back I learned of a cool little site with some neat retro 8-Bit game music. The “ChipTunes” are brand new songs done in that classic video game style. There’s some neat ones, like Coat of Arms that sounds like what an Atari or Nintendo Conan game would have used as it’s main theme. The great part is that you can Download the entire Oxvylu Recess EP for free at the Oxvylu website.

It’s retro video game style music. I love seeing all the creative stuff people have come up with on their own. This is just another great example of it. I miss a lot of 8-Bit themes. They were great, especially like Mega Man and stuff. Man, those were the days.

Another cool website I stumbled upon is one where you can have your face digitally imprinted on stuff. We’ve seen this sort of application before, but the folks at That’s My Face have added perhaps the coolest implementation yet, ACTION FIGURES! It looks like there’s still some kinks to be worked out, but overall it’s pretty neat. You can have your face digitally scanned and made into a 12 inch or a 3 3/4 inch action figure head. Pretty spiffy. Unlike the site above though, this isn’t free. Still if you’ve ever wanted to make yourself into an action figure, you should give the That’s My Face website a peek.

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