I usually don’t dabble in rumor and other sorts of subterfuge but when I saw this today I had to smile a bit. A picture has leaked of the upcoming Character Options 7th Doctor aka Sylvester McCoy figure from the Doctor Who line. Rumor has it that there will be a couple versions of the 7th Doctor and as you notice this one doesn’t include his hat. At least one version is supposed to.

The picture is credit to Drathro, and while it’s not the best picture around it certainly is enough to wet any Who fan’s whistle. This also is the fourth or fifth confirmed rumor from one particular spy, so I think we can assume most of the rumors supplied by this gentleman have some merit. No word on if this is part of the rumored 11 Doctors set or if it’s a single pack. Either way, it’s a McCoy!

The head looks a tad big, but that may be because it’s made for a hat. He looks a bit like a “custom” but again I tend to think that’s because it’s a low quality picture. It’s still the first we’ve seen of any new product and that’s a positive sign.

Sylvester McCoy was at one time considered the most popular Doctor. While I doubt he ranks near as high these days, I do think he’s a good Doctor and I’d love to have his figure. I hope McCoy gets called back to do some stuff in the new season of Who. It’d be great to have another couple of Doctors adventures and McCoy is one of the few who can still don his outfit and become the 7th Doctor with ease.

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  • Lt_Clutch says:

    He looks great even without the hat! Man, I remember Sylvester winning Doctor Who Magazine's award for Favorite Doctor award soon after the original series ended. He was the only actor to beat Tom Baker at the time, I believe. I wasn't a huge fan of his stories but I liked him a lot as the Doctor, especially in the latter part of his run when he became more mysterious and enigmatic. Had the series continued and the scripts improved, Sylvester would still rank high up there among fans today.

  • Gunzlingr says:

    While not a fan of Doctor 7, I will be getting this to add to my other Doctor figures.

  • Ian says:

    Not sure Sylvester McCoy's take on the Doctor is aging as well as some other classic Doctors. He does mischievous, cunning, eccentric and playful quite well but whenever he has to shout and be authoritative it does not play to McCoy's acting strengths. At all.
    But I can't wait for the figure.

  • You could be right about that. Oddly enough I find the TV movie to be perhaps McCoy's best take on the Doctor, despite being given so little to do there.

  • aaron says:

    when is it coming out i would really like it………………….ive got his costume myself

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