I pretty much loathe Thanksgiving. I think the Macy’s Parade is alright, but beyond that I could care less. Football ain’t my bag and football is on pretty much every night of the week now anyway, so I think the whole Thanksgiving tradition of watching the game is not only cliche but pointless these days. Earlier today I came up with an AWESOME idea for some Thanksgiving content, but sadly it’ll have to wait till next year. But seriously, be here next year for something so awesome it’ll melt your brain. SEE YOU IN 365 DAYS!

In the absence of something cooler, I’ll tell you about my Thanksgiving festivities as a kid and how I stumbled across a Toys R Us that time forgot earlier this week. When I was a kid Thanksgiving was really all about Christmas. See we’d go to my Grandmother’s on Thanksgiving and after a while she’d bust out the big Sears Catalogue. Time to pick Christmas gifts! If you grew up in this era, you know what I’m talking about. Of course there was also the newspapers, TRU ads and other catalogues. Everything came out on Thanksgiving so by the end of the day I’d have my whole Christmas list. Awesome.

Sadly that sort of awesome tradition doesn’t exist anymore. In the loss of that, I went out yesterday Christmas shopping. I went about 75 miles away from my normal beaten path and found a new Toys R Us. By new I mean one I’ve never been in before… Inside it was ANYTHING but new. It was set up just like the TRU of old. In fact this store seemed EXACTLY like the TRU nearest me was when I was a kid. But those Toys R Us chains changed over a long time… But this one didn’t?

See that? It’s tickets for video games. None of my TRUs do this anymore. You just go buy the game. Grab it off the shelf. Not at this TRU that time forgot. You still have to get the ticket and bring it up front. The tickets even look the same as they did when I’d buy a new Sega Master System game. WIN!

Even better, the next aisle over was the infamous glass case. You know the one… Where all the high end video game system and electronics are. This is no doubt the same glass case that once housed the NES and the Super NES and now it’s got the DS. Spiffy. I have no idea why this Toys R Us never remodeled. Toys R Us has went through at least three or four remodels since the 80’s, but not this one. Remember the bike racks in the middle of the store? Still here. Little kids toys on the far end wall. 3 rows back 5 rows in, that’s where the action figures were. Two rows forward was stuffed animals and Barbies. EXACT SAME LAYOUT FROM 20 YEARS AGO!

Sadly they didn’t have toys from 20 years ago, but they did have a DCUC Wildcat and some GI Joe goodies, so I picked those up. I also made a little video of my journey around the store. Despite not being in a store with this layout in decades I knew where EVERYTHING was. How crazy is that to memorize a store’s layout from ages ago? I was hoping you’d be able to see the whole layout, but it’s not a perfect video. Still, you just have to trust me on this, it was the same layout from years ago. Everything was there just as it used to be except my Mom yelling at me to hurry up. My GF filled that void though.

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