Check out these new sets from Tesco’s (a grocery store chain in the UK) for Doctor Who! I definitely would like to pick these sets up. Apparently there are a couple of other sets as well. They are all exclusives and at the moment it seems as though we may not be getting these over here in the states.

That’s a real bummer because Character Options has retooled their Captain Jack Harkness figure in this box set to be closer to his Torchwood outfit. That would negate me ever having to buy a Torchwood Jack figure. Alas, I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to get ahold of these sets.

Here’s the kicker, these sets only cost about $16 a piece. Three Doctor Who figures for $16?! Imagine the army building possibilities! This really makes me jealous, especially after paying around $50 for a two pack of Who Classics this past August. Hopefully Underground Toys is able to get this set over to the US for a reasonable price. I could definitely use a few more classic Cybermen as well as the Captain Jack set.

Anyone in the UK want to hook me up?

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