Although I fully expected Terminator Salvation to improve this past weekend, it instead didn’t find an audience and continues to bomb. Despite all the hype this could end up being the lowest money making Terminator film in the franchise. More sub par reviews continue to flow in and the film thus far has only made $90 Million dollars. Which sounds good, but the film cost around $200 million to make.

Compare that to the newly released Star Trek which has already made $209 million in the United States alone. Terminator could make some more money on the international market where it’s yet to be released. Still I have to wonder if Terminator 5 will even happen now.

Obviously Christian Bale is no Arnold Schwarzenegger. Originally I compared this new Terminator to the 1998 Godzilla which I said was a movie that made tons of money but was still considered a bomb. Well it looks to me like that may have been an unfair comparison, because I’m starting to doubt that the new Terminator flick will make the near $400 million that Godzilla made.

Especially with the summer blockbuster season just starting. Transformers, GI Joe, Land of the Lost and several other big pictures are still coming down the line. To be successful you need to be #1 at the box office for at least one weekend, and Terminator failed to do that. It’s resting at #4 this week but I don’t think it’ll rise any in the weeks ahead.

Next week Land of the Lost and the Hangover will try to take some of McG’s money. After that it’s a few easy weeks. I have to wonder if Terminator wouldn’t have done better opening the week after next instead of against Night at the Museum 2 and then Up.

Box Office for Summer 2009:
Star Trek – $209,500,000
Wolverine X-Men Origins – $170,870,000
Night at the Museum 2 – $105,296,000
Angels & Demons – $104,760,000
Terminator Salvation – $90,657,000

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