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In even more proof that the Ninja Turtles are back in a big way, Lego has announced that they’ve snagged the exclusive brick building license for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is both a great thing and a bit of a bummer for TMNT fans. On one hand, Lego is far and away the leader in this category of the toy market. That market is constantly growing and Lego remains king.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego

However for fans who remember Mega Bloks take on the Ninja Turtles franchise a few years back, will recall that they produced a lot of neat sets. Lego may be the leader in the field, but they’re hardly the innovators these days. Their bodies are the most outdated and overrated, lacking the unique sculpting and overall articulation that their competitors are introducing.

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Still, with a big rollout at NYCC and a platform as big as Lego, the Ninja Turtles will no doubt thrive in the brick building toy aisles as well as the traditional action figure aisle. The sets shown look pretty good and it’s nice to see Lego adding some unique sculpting. It’s a bit of a shame that they refuse to update their body to match some of their competitor’s in terms of articulation. Regardless of that, TMNT and Lego will make an interesting and presumably great, fit.

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  • Tommy Day says:

    I'm glad they haven't updated the minifig, I love it just how it is.

  • Machiste52 says:

    I for one am glad to see someone knock Lego for using the same bodies they've been using for 20 years. It was okay when they were the only ones on the market, but KREO and MEGA BLOKS are starting to put them to shame.

  • Understandable. I'm definitely up for a change.

  • I have a few Lego reviews coming up, which will further expand upon this point.

  • Mark says:

    Yeah but if Lego change their bodies it will ruin the compatability. The fact that the basic body is the same now as it was 20+ years ago should be applauded.
    Look at how Star Wars and G.I. Joe have changed the basic boddy of their figures. A lot of them are too different to blend into existing collections. If anything its one of the reasons I sold my Star Wars collections…and why I am selling ome of my G.I. Joe collection.

  • Cloud says:

    It's more of a you like it or hate it case for Lego mini figures.
    People like Lego because it's Lego. It's been around long enough that new kids and old kids know what it is. I've seen how Lego's been trying to add more fun factors with their building sets and there's added detail to their figures as well. But even small revolutions to the design makes me feel that it's getting too different. For example, I don't like the spiky hair they added for the ninja line years ago and that Ironman helmet on the lego body just looks stupid.

    It's like improving MEGO if you want to add more articulation or reinvent the Lego figures. Of course Lego can try to introduce a neo-Lego figure design but for now it's what it is and that's what people love.

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