So the first photos of the new Freddy Kruger have surfaced. From the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. The movie is due out on April 16th, 2010 and stars Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Kruger. It looks surprisingly good.

Unfortunately it looks almost identical to Robert Englund as Freddy. I was hoping that they’d take Englund’s advice and redo Freddy, make his outfit different. Englund suggested they make him into a janitor with a ball cap. I liked that idea as it showed promise as a real reimagining instead of a retread.

Speaking of Robert Englund, I still don’t know why it is he couldn’t play the role but apparently he thinks he’s too old. He recently spoke about the new film and had some interesting things to say:

” I think because Jackie’s not real big, you know, I like the idea of his kind of energy and size. I always saw Freddy as kind of like an angry junkyard dog. I think there is something about Jackie’s size that will really lend itself to a kind of impishness and that kind of energy that I hope they let him bring to the role. I hope they don’t completely mirror the original. I think it would be smart of them to maybe change the wardrobe a bit. You know, modify the claw and glove a little perhaps, I think if they’re going to have the fun of remaking it. I think of any of the recent remakes, whether it’s “Friday the 13th,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “The Hills Have Eyes,” of all of them I think that the “Nightmare On Elm Street” original probably lends itself more to the new technologies that are available now with CGI and special effects just because of the inherent nature of the plot with the dream sequences and the nightmare sequences that take place in that kind of surreal fantasy nightmare world. We need special effects and CGI to create those worlds. I remember we ran out of money on the first one and certainly we would have liked to have more money for those sequences. They were a little handmade for us at the time. So I’m curious and kind of looking forward to it.”

Is there anyone more humble and classy in the business than him? I am actually looking forward to the new Nightmare movie, if only because it has a lot of potential. Freddy is an awesome character, but Robert Englund will always be the clawed madman to me. Still, things look good so far, but it’s only one picture so it’s a bit hard to accurately judge.

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  • Wes says:

    Yeah, Englund sounds pretty cool. Though, to be fair, a lot of those guys who are names — but not necessarily bigtime Hollywood celebrities who appear on celebrity gossip sites every other… hour — are fairly open and honest. Heck, that’s probably the reason they’re not bigger names.

    This movie, however, I do not want to see. There really is no need to remake A Nightmare on Elm Street. Englund’s right that modern special effects could make for some trippy dream sequences, but I’d much rather see those effects employed in an all-new horror film with an all-new villain.

    Or, at the very least, they could’ve made Freddy a woman or something. Vampires notwithstanding, there aren’t enough sexy female murderous things in horror films. ;P

  • I tend to agree, as I said in the post I think Englund had a good idea with them reinventing Freddy in a slightly differnt like a la the janitor in a ball cap route…

    But if they are going to remake it, at least it looks like a halfway decent attempt. It has a pretty decent lineup of actors as opposed to most of the remakes.

    I guess we’ll see. I’m down so far, but I’m sure they can turn me off to it soon enough, haha.

  • Wes says:

    I dunno, though — the Freddy look is pretty iconic. If they had to remake the movie, I’d probably prefer the costume to be kept more/less the same. I’d want the character to look different, though… like by being a sexy Winifred Krueger. 😉

    If they were going to do a movie about a dream-invading janitor, I’d rather just have that guy be a new character altogether. They could’ve called him The Man With The Mop or something along those lines.

  • I see your point, though Hollywood is probably taking the right route. If you’re going to remake something you might as well make it mirror the original. No one cares anymore about quality ideas or originality.

  • Wes says:

    Well I care… but with respect to most folks, you’re probably right. :/

    Great discussing this stuff with you, Newt! 🙂

  • mechaman says:

    I was only curious to see these clips because the filming is/was going on in the Chicago/Cicero Illinois area where I reside. I pretty much hate horror movies with a passion ( A million dollars wouldn’t get me to go to one. I’m quite serious.) but I was wondering if I’d see some of the places I’ve seen them film. Well, that was a couple minutes wasted …

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, duh, I totally want to see it. I’m a horror flick freak! Although I get shut down quite a bit in the video store for merely picking films on the basis of the cover, and lack of content 😉

    Never the less, despite what Englund said about changing the wardrobe, I would totally be against that. I agree with this Wes fellow in that Freddy is an iconic character and I would prefer to keep him more or less the same – but I’m not sure a female would work.

    Anywho, my 2 cents.

    – Beth

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