It was just the end of last month when I reported on Target raising the price of Justice League Unlimited figures. Now a few weeks later, they’ve done it again. JLU is a Target exclusive line and these price increases no doubt confirm some of the doom and gloom headed for this line. Justice League Unlimited 3 packs retailed for $9.99 earlier this year, that was just recently bumped up to $13.99 and now it’s $15.99, not a good sign.

The JLU 6-Packs retailed at $19.99 just a month ago, they were bumped up to $24.99 which was a pretty uncalled for increase, but now? They are up to $29.99 for the 6-figure sets. This almost assures that the upcoming 6-packs will not sell well as some of them only contain a few new figures.

I’m really bummed out about Target’s price increase. As it pertains to JLU, it’s basically the kiss of death for the line. Target also recently raised the price on GI Joe as I reported on back in August.

Target and Toys R Us are the main two places I buy toys, with Target being the leader in that respect. These price increases will not help them sell toys and it will potentially cost them business. In regards to JLU, Mattel’s little line that could, very well may be dead off of these price increases and the fact that none of the new 3-packs have shown up in mass with only scattered sightings in a handful of areas.

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  • Gilltron says:

    Its quite sad that this line is almost dead, they’re making some of the best DC characters now (Doom Patrol 4 pack on Matty) and its rumored that Animal Man will be in an upcoming 3 pack in stores. DCUC is going up in price also isn’t it?

  • DCUC is going up as well, but that’s supposedly across the board. There really isn’t much of a reason for a JLU price increase, especially since most of the product on the shelves has been there for months.

    If new product does hit, I’m not sure it’ll move at this increased price.

  • Kyle says:

    yeah, at those prices the figures just won’t move. Same thing happened with DCIH at target, they priced them too high and no one bought them.

  • Michael says:

    I really hope JLU will continue. It would be nice for Mattel and Target to work something out. It would be great if they could get TRU to commit to it again. There are still so many characters I want in this line. I did recently get the Batman Beyond pack.

    As fasr as Infinite Heroes go… Target stores here charge 4.99, while Walmart is 6.99. I honestly think the figures are worth maybe $2 tops.

  • Chuck says:

    Infinite Heroes aren’t even worth the $4.99 and the ones with improved articulation don’t look any better.

    I see that Walmart 6 pack EVERYWHERE but can’t find any of the DCUC 5 pack. Blah.

  • DrNightmare says:

    Wow, Zatanna is very pretty! Too bad the details are only painted on :[

  • Tom K. A. says:

    This is an expensive hobby.

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