Hey guys, today I wanted to let you in on a new little secret of mine and something no toy collector should go without. It’s the Target iPhone app. Target has had an iPhone app since 2008, but it wasn’t until recently that they added a new function that actually makes it worth downloading. It now contains a barcode reader, that simulates a DCPI gun and can actually tell you if the local Target has something in stock or what stores do. Check it out in action:

The app is still a little sketchy at the moment and it certainly isn’t as good as it could be, but it might help save time if you’re curious if your local Target has the hot new toy in. You can also manually enter in the UPC barcodes as well. The one function I’d really like to see is if it could give you the amount in stock. Still the foundation is there for this to be a revolutionary new application and it certainly could change the way many of us do our toy runs.

Even with the current functionality it can be useful from home to scan toys you may already have, or if you’re out and about to compare prices. At Walmart and found a new figure but want to see if Target is cheaper? Scan the barcode and find out if it’s available and how much Target is charging.

I should mention that this also works on anything else available at Target. Chips, sodas, cat litter, etc… But I found it’s usefulness for toys to be the most obvious. Hopefully Target will continue to tinker with this and give us a better, more complete usage. I haven’t fully tested the accuracy, but it seems pretty spot on thus far. Prices, availability, aisle locations, etc are now available in the palm of your hand.

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