Mattel Halloween Batman Figure Review
Dark Knight Rises
Halloween Batman
4 Inch Scale
By: Mattel
Back when the Dark Knight hit theatres a few years ago, Mattel put out a plethora of toys in a variety of scales. One that caught many people’s attention, was their 4 inch line which gave some insight on how Mattel would do a smaller scale line. When Mattel got around to pumping out figures for the Dark Knight Rises, this year, the options are more limited. The 4 inch line is back though and this Halloween season, Target has a Halloween Exclusive Batman.

Target Exclusive Batman Review

I’ve often lamented that there just aren’t enough Halloween toys that could be handed out as treats. Every year Target seems to have a small aisle for these sorts of items, but for whatever the reason it seems that girls get the pick of the litter. They often have several figures, Polly Pocket, Barbie and others to choose from with a Halloween theme. Boys usually have a Lego set, which often isn’t even really a Halloween theme and some Hot Wheels that might be slightly monster oriented at best.

Long Halloween Batman Review

This year though, Mattel has risen to the occasion with a rather unique variant of Batman in black and orange. They’ve even made the packaging reflect the Halloween spirit. We know Mattel can do good packaging, but is this a good toy?

Let’s talk about the package first, because it’s one of the most visually stunning parts of the whole presentation. Although the card itself is no different than the size or shape from the absolutely boring and dreadful basic Dark Knight Rises 4 inch figures, the bubble stands out. The bubble is beautiful. It’s a pumpkin made out of translucent orange plastic. It’s immediately an eye catcher.

The front also has some neat little Jack-o-Lanterns on it. It doesn’t give this figure any particular name though. Why not call it Halloween Batman or All Hallow’s Eve Armor Batman, or something? The back is boring and super generic, just as the regular 4 inch Batman figures are.

This Batman figure is based off the Stealth Armor, which I believe is exclusive to another Target multipack, but it may also be packed elsewhere. The armor looks quite good, but it’s mostly in the mask where you’ll notice the core differences from a generic Batman figure. He has solid color eyes, which reflect lenses and a mouth piece.

Dark Knight Rises Batman Review

The colors are very basic, orange and black. This is pretty true for most of the figures in this line, but the colors really work here. Not only with the Halloween theme, but just in general. This is one of the most badass Batman variants I’ve seen in years… And I have a whole bunch of vintage Kenner Dark Knight Collection figures!

The sculpting is actually quite good, with tons of details all over the body. It’s really impressive how much Mattel was able to get such sharp details into such a small figure. Of course, the flip side to that is that there’s not much paint at all. That works here, but wouldn’t necessarily in other figures.

The cape is fabric, which I can appreciate. It connects into the figure and doesn’t have the collar of the old Kenner figures. Oh well.

These guys have almost no articulation, which is why collectors tend to avoid them like the plague.

I was under the assumption that Halloween Batman only had the big 5 in terms of articulation. For the record, I don’t mind figures with only the big 5, but the figures have to have bent elbows. Batman’s lack of bent elbows (as Kenner would have done it) make him clunky to pose

Much to my amazement, Batman also has knee joints. That’s nice, but I actually think elbow joints would have been better. The basic hinges have a decent range of motion, which is more than I can say for the hip/leg joints. Batman can barely move his leg up half an inch. He can’t convincingly kick anyone. There’s no logical sculpting reason why, it’s just made that way.

The regular version of the Stealth Suit figure comes with some sort of detachable claws. Other figures that are essentially identical to this one, also typically have at least one accessory. Whether it’s a grappling hook or a Bat-a-Rang. However, poor Halloween Bats has nothing.

There was a time when you could get a GI Joe for $5. Sadly that time has long since passed and there aren’t many figures out there in this price range. However, you get what you pay for. With paltry articulation, little in terms of paint applications and zero accessories, Batman ain’t going to win any awards. Also, be sure to shop around. While this is a Target exclusive, I first saw this guy for $6.99 or so. It wasn’t until I went to a different Target that I found him for $5.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 6
Articulation – 4
Accessories – N/A
Value – 4
Overall – 5 out of 10

I would have never in a million years bought one of the 4 inch Dark Knight Rises figures from Mattel, had they not done this special Halloween figure. Despite having so much against it, Halloween Batman as a one off, is kind of neat. The orange color really pops and works well with the Batman motif. However, by regular standards this is a pretty basic if not uninspired and downright lame toy. A good gift for youngsters in their Halloween bags, though.

4 Responses to Target Halloween Batman Figure Review

  • Guitardevil says:

    With just a lil more articulation this fig could''ve been so much better…..oh well looking forward to Batmin's Thanksgiving outfit…..

  • That would be hilarious.

  • A_Spidey_Fan says:

    The "Stealth Armour" Batman sculpt has been used in the 4" line for both a few of the Regular/Basic 4" figures, but is mostly used in the QuickTek 4" "Slide Huge Armour Over figure" Batman figures. I will say that the sculpt is actually pretty good, as the sculpts for the 4" Batman's are pretty good in general, as I've almost considered picking up a few 4" Batman colour variants(If I want an all Black Batman, I'll stick with the 6" Movie Masters line). 1 of my friends at work suggest that maybe the Stealth Armour mold could be used as Officer Blake's Batman costume.

    That said, while I try not to let less articulation ruin a figure, I do find it baffeling that Mattel for 4" figures don't put a bit more joints in them, as it makes them less attractive. I mean, Bandai's 4" Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai, and the 4" Winx Club figures/dolls(Don't remember who does Winx Club line) still have more joints than Mattel's 4" GL and Batman Movie figures, as Power Rangers and Winx still come with accessories.

  • A_Spidey_Fan says:

    Batman here has basic head joint, basic arms, basic legs, and knees. If they had made the arms have ball joints, added in basic elbow joints, and at least added in a basic waist joint, this would of made their 4" The Dark Knight Rises figures a bit more attractive to me. They don't need G.I. Joe level, but a good amount, espeically since other 4" lines defently have more than any of Mattel's 4" GL and Batman movie lines. It's not acceptiable now a days with other lines 4" having more joints than these.

    Will say that this is 1 of the nicest and neat made up colour variants of a Batman figure in quite a while, as it actually remind me of the Thrillkiller Batman costume to some degree. Either way, it's something I MAY Consider picking up if I ever see it when Target opens up in Canada, or if someplace like Winners gets them(This past year, Winners has been carring a few Target Exclusive stuff. Not much thought). And just you wait. There will be a Chirstmas/Holiday verison of this figure, done in Blood Red and Puke Green.

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