It’s been a while since I made any runs out to the stores looking for any particular toys and most have come up fruitless if I have. Yesterday I ventured out because I had some extra time on my hands and while my GF looked for shoes, I stopped in at a couple places that aren’t on my normal route. Surprisingly I found some real oddities and some goodies as well. Check out this little photo log of my journey.

First I stopped in TJ Maxx. This place is usually a good spot to find some older figures and I was thinking about writing an article on the transition from retail to discount chains but then I saw this figure and it completely threw it all out of whack.

Yes, that’s a Toy Biz X-Men Pocket Comic pack set. These were made back in the mid 1990’s to counter the popularity of Mighty Max figures and toys. At first I wondered to myself if this was a mistake. How did this toy get here? It was in pristine condition too. I mean, much nicer condition than most of the newer crap at TJ Maxx.

It was $5 and I never liked those things anyway, so I passed. I did turn it over to get a look at the date and this came out in 1994. Which makes it fifteen years old. I don’t visit this TJ Maxx that often, but I can assure you it hasn’t been sitting in TJ Maxx for fifteen years. Crazy.

As my journey wore on I stopped in at a local Target. As it turns out they had managed to do their reset for the new Public Enemies toys. Whether you love Target or not, you have to give them credit. When they have an exclusive line, they put the toys out. Which is why it’s pretty clear that all the issues with JLU are indeed Mattel’s fault. Check out all this PE stuff.

Unfortunately for Mattel, I’d read reviews of the Public Enemies Batman and decided to pass on him. I did see the new Infinite Heroes figures there and for a moment, I considered it. Since they had new articulation and all. The 3 packs were $17.99 though and included crap figures like Power Girl, so I passed. I thought about getting the big giant pack, but seriously look at this Gorilla Grodd…

That’s gotta be some sort of joke. The Mallah head sculpt was so good, why’d they try to pass this off as Grodd? BTW the new articulation on the Infinite Heroes figures looks like turds. Why is that Mattel can make decent articulation on their 3 3/4 Avatar figures but not their DC figures?

I also noticed these Superhero Squad figures at Target. Man, why does Superhero Squad have such a great selection of toys? It’s okay for 4 year olds to play with Red Skull, but not older kids? I had to buy Skull as a convention exclusive, but it’s okay for toddlers to chew on Nazis? Go figure. Check out that Moon Knight, if these figures didn’t suck so bad I’d be all over them.

Finally on the way home I saw one lone Green Arrow at a Meijers. Crazy. I bought him. Sucks that he comes with no Chemo pieces though. That’s just lame. WTF am I going to do with this stand? Melt it. Kinda a shame I’ve never seen any of the figures from the wave before this one.

All in all it was a interesting trip, filled with new figures, odd figures and really, REALLY old figures.

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