Welcome to another Tales from the Toy Aisle. Things continue to be strange out there in the land of toys and I’m here to give you the visual report from the battlefield. While continuing my hunt for a decently priced clearance Eclipso, I stumbled across several strange finds including some toys that are decades old.

For starters I found this Eddie Sachs “baseball” card sitting right there in the midst of some Transformers toys. For starters, I had no idea who Eddie Sachs was and this card seemed strange. I’ve since Googled Sachs and he was apparently a 1960’s race car driver who died in a horrific crash where his car literally blew up in an instant.

It’s an odd thing to find in the middle of a toy aisle. It’s not like there were a bunch of cards scattered all over, just this single one. To make things even more interesting, this card is in Spanish. Who buys Spanish race car cards? So I like to imagine that this card is like the calling card of a scalper, who drops this off after he gets a big score to let you know that you’ve just had a run in with “Senior Spanish Sachs”… Or some kid left it there. Whatever.

So toy wise I haven’t been having a lot of luck, finding odd cards and nothing new. But then I saw the BATMOBILE! What’s cool here is that this is a Batman Forever Batmobile. While Batman Forever isn’t one of my favorite Batman movies or car designs, the fact that this baby is still out there getting quarters from kids is pretty cool.

And then as if it was still 1997 I found this Sabertooth at Marshalls. You never know what you might find at Marshalls and this is definitely an old toy. It’s from the first X-Men movie. Sadly he didn’t interest me much. I thought it would be the oldest toy I found that day, until…

One of these things is not like the others.

That’s right, there’s a vintage Star Trek Playmates figure. Even though this comes from one of the last “Warp Factor” series, it’s still well over a decade old. So why is it JUST NOW hitting toy shelves? Where does Marshall’s find this stuff?! It’s hard for me to believe that this was sitting in a warehouse somewhere, it doesn’t have a bit of damage or dust on it. Such a strange find.

In fact I was so mesmerized by Edith here that I bought her. Review coming in a few days. So there you have it. A strange trip down the toy aisle. The only toy I found was a 1996 Star Trek figure, but hey you never know what you might encounter in TALES FROM THE TOY AISLES!

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  • Wes says:

    Sooooooo how much did Marshalls want for those? Both of those are admittedly figures I kinda want — Edith Keeler much moreso than Sabretooth, mind you; am I the only person who looks at her and sees Barbara Wright? — so I have to say you are a lucky scoundrel. 😛

    Did you ever find that Eclipso, btw? I've seen quite a few of those JLU 6-packs discounted around here — one store even had them knocked down to $7.18. I was more interested in the clearance dollies, but yes. 🙂

  • Interesting that you mention Barbara, as that's the only reason I bought her haha! If I ever get around to making my Doctor Who photo comics, that's who she'll be.

    She was $5.99 which is cheaper than I could have gotten her online, but not exactly a super deal.

    I think Sabertooth was about the same.

    I've found Eclipso, but this far my Targets have only knocked it down to $14 and I refuse to pay that. If I can find it for $7.18 I'm going to buy it. So for now I'm just in hurry up and wait mode. Nice dollies BTW, lol.

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