It’s time to venture into that land of the unknown. From vintage finds to mint in box. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the farthest corners of the clearance section. It’s time once again for the often imitated but never duplicated… TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

We start our journey with Wal*Mart. One of my local Walmarts doesn’t even carry DCUC anymore. No pegs whatsoever. How’s that for finding Wave 10 of DCUC? But how about the other Walmart across town? Oh man, freshly filled pegs! And they don’t show the price hike! YES! Oh wait, that’s more Cyborg! Yes, three full pegs of Cyborg. I believe they must have found these from the clearance aisle. Previously this Walmart had nothing on the shelf, but several Cyborgs in the clearance aisle. I guess if they wouldn’t sell at $3 off, it was time to see if they’d move at full price!

Next it was off to Toys R’ Us. A virtual ghost town it seemed this weekend. I don’t know if they were cleaning house for a new Spring reset or what, but there wasn’t anything to be had. Aisles and aisles of almost nothing.

Well nothing but movie Hulk toys. I’ve done all I can Hasbro, I’ve bought as much of this as possible. I did my share. I liked this line. Oh well, guess I was the only one.

Seriously, what was up with this TRU? Maybe they got robbed and I didn’t know it.

Mattel doesn’t seem to be able to meet the demand of it’s new WWE line. The shelves were pretty much bare. Thankfully for kids around the world, Jakks is still out supplying Mattel with WWE figures. I saw this Dr. Death Steve Williams. He’s from several waves ago I believe, so I’m guessing this is new stock. I hear they’re shipping like “best of” type cases. Poor Dr. Death just recently died. RIP my good man.

Speaking of Mattel, I skipped across town to Meijers to see how they were doing toy wise. Mattel deserves some credit here as both Toy Story and Brave & The Bold were stocked up. But what’s that big gaping hole in the center of the aisle? Take a guess!

You know I quit DCUC a couple weeks back, but I’m starting to wonder if DCUC didn’t quit me? I mean, can I really quit something I never see?

Mattel did get some WWE product on the shelves though, but see that big empty section? Yeah that’s supposed to be filled with WWE figures. I really think WWE is too big of a license for Mattel. I’m not sure they can handle it. The figures may be great, but Mattel has never, ever had a license as powerful as the WWE one. Maybe way back when MOTU was big, but I’m not sure that Mattel is capable of keeping stores filled with WWE product.

It seems like it’s good product too… If not massively overpriced.

But I mean, if you can’t supply the stores, what use is it? I shudder to think of Christmas time. Jakks always poured out TONS of WWE stuff around the holidays. Can Mattel do that? Plus Jakks used to have those el cheapo WWE figure packs that were great stocking stuffers. Hopefully Jakks uses TNA to capitalize on this. Mattel can’t get product to the shelf, so TNA could reap the benefits.

Finally, Hasbro has some new Joe product that I haven’t seen before. It’s like one of those pull tab racers deals. Usually I would say this is stupid, but the toys actually come with a real GI Joe figure. That’s pretty cool… Though not that I need another Snake Eyes.

The Cobra one looks pretty cool though. I still doubt I’m picking up any “Rip Attack” Joes, especially at $15, but at least they were stocked.

That’s it for this time, but beware that just around the corner, past the scalper and the fat Mom is something your wildest dreams could never conceive it’s TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

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