It’s time to take a stroll down that virtual toy aisle again. This week I stopped into Toys R’ Us to see what they had to offer. Surprisingly they had a fair amount of new stuff, so let’s take a look…

Right off the bat I noticed the new Robot Chicken figures. The assortment seemed to only be the Chicken and Mad Scientist as well as the “humping” Robot. They’ll have to do a bit more than that to get most people to bite. Still, it’s pretty cool to have toys from a show about toys.

Ironically, they were stacked next to a bunch of Family Guy Chris Griffin figures. Lots of Seth Green love going on.

In the same aisle they had the new Sonic Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman if you must) figure packs. I was close to buying one, but I don’t have a regular Sonic. I only have the Sonic Black Knight (Reviewed Here), which is also all they had in the store. Shame, because I was close to buying a whole kettle (yes I said kettle) of Sonic figures.

They also had the Chaos Emerald pack, which can be seen hidden amongst the Robotniks. It comes with 3 figures, all Super Sonic forms, but sadly it costs $14.99 and was too much for me to bite. It comes with all the chaos emeralds, though.

Jazwares is doing some pretty good stuff with it’s Sonic line, for the most part. So much so that this Sonic has lost his head over the excitement. Seriously TRU, this headless Sonic has been on the shelves for a year. Get with it already!

Meanwhile over in the wrestling aisle, Jakks has their new TNA 2 Packs and the Legends of TNA line out. Classic old school surfer Sting… Woohoo!

Jakks is also bringing the pain with their new Build’n’Brawl 3 3/4 UFC figures. I quite liked the WWE versions of these, so I hope in addition to the UFC brand, TNA gets some as well. These figures are pretty spiffy.

TNA also had their Deluxe Impact Wave 2 figures out. These are hitting pretty quick in my opinion. I thought they all looked great, but I’m not a fan of the Deluxe style. These TNA figures keep bringing me closer and closer to converting though. I need that Hogan to lay the smackdown. Hernandez (not pictured) looked great as well.

Not to be outdone, Mattel has put out one of the coolest box sets in a long time… A Rey Mysterio box set. Showing various outfits from his time in wrestling, from his ECW & WCW debuts to more modern outfits. Six figures for $50 isn’t a terrible value. Unfortunately, I find that 99% of Rey’s WWE attires sucked. This should have just been a box set of outfits he wore in WCW. He had some killer outfits back then.

Dig this, a WHOLE endcap of NECA Gremlins stuff. I’m not sure why the NECA Gremlins stuff is just now getting a push in TRU (This stuff is four or five years old, just re-released) but it gives me an idea of what NECA probably wants to do with the TMNT line. As a fan I’d love to see that, but I totally understand why Playmates is blocking any NECA in TRU.

Finally we wrap up our adventure at a last minute stop to K-Mart. It’s a TALE OF TWO DUSTYS! Notice anything different here? Yeah, K-Mart had a new set of WWE Legends figures, marked Hall Of Fame. The only real difference I could find was how the figure was placed in the package, the logo and a little paper plaque that the HOF figures came with. Should be interesting to see if this is just a K-Mart exclusive thing,k or if it gets branched out more.

That’s it for this time, but next time I may skip TRU and head to Lovers Lane for a x-rated edition of TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE! (But I’ll probably just go to Target!)

5 Responses to Tales From The Toy Aisle: Sonic, Robot Chicken, TNA and Gremlins

  • Bill says:

    Glad to know TRU has Robot Chicken figures. I must have the robot one. I got the SDCC nerd last Summer and was impressed with how good it was. Especially considering it was made by Jazzwares, which has a hit-or-miss record when it comes to quality control.

    I hope I can find these figures at my local TRU. You are lucky to have such a well-stocked branch near you, Newton. The one near me is always a picked-over mess. I rarely find anything good there.

  • I almost bought the Robot, but I was curious about his action. It wasn't clearly defined on the package. I'm not sure if he "humps" or not. I'd prefer he didn't, actually. They don't mention the humping in his name (I guess that was too over the top for TRU) but I think it said he had an action. I can't recall.

    The QC still seemed a bit hit and miss, but I like that Jazwares is stepping up with some creative brands and toys in recent years.

  • Nick says:

    I picked up one of those gremlins this weekend. His shoulder pad broke right after the was out of box, only way to move his arms, very crappy design.

  • Yikes, sucks to hear that. I picked one up too, but haven't taken him out of the box. Hope I have better luck.

  • Mark says:

    Long story shor me and my mate were at a toy shop and we ended up buying 3 TNA/ UFC figures each. I didn't get any UFC I got 2 Legnds (Hulk Hogan & Sting) and Deluxe Kurt Angle. Mate got Minattaro Noguira? (probably not spelt righ I am not a big UFC fan), Deluxe Jarrett and Styles.
    I would honestly reommend on picking any Jakks TNA figure up all great just like thei WWE figures….the Mattel WWE figures are good and they are doing some great figures but the TNA figures are just as good if not better. Honestly the whole scale thing is not an issue to me, considering the size, articultion and price you really should get some.

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