I buy stuff. Sometimes I take pictures of stuff I find and didn’t buy. I call it… TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

First up, is a leftover from a run to Big Lots. I was looking for the TNA Dollar & Drug (Genesis series) figures, but they didn’t have any. Instead they still had some of those old Mattel Batman figures. Man that line REALLY tanked, didn’t it? They still want $7 for this yellow Batman, but nobody is biting.

Then it was off to Target where I did find the TNA Deluxe figures. I don’t really collect the Deluxe scale figures so I’m not sure if I’ll pick many of these guys up. None of series 1 really interests me, but Series 2, 3 and 4 look good. Also a good sign for Jakks and TNA, they were sold out aside from this single Kurt Angle. Considering these guys have elite articulation and cost $1 less than WWE basics, I’d say that’s a great value.

Somebody who was not flying off the shelves was this poor Marvel Universe AIM Soldier. I blame his yellow colors and bucket head. Seriously, look how many of them there are! Made me tempted to army build them just cause they were all there. INSTANT ARMY OF YELLOW BUCKET HEADS!

Target also had these new Marvel Universe two packs. Maybe I missed this announcement, but I don’t recall hearing anything about these. There’s a new Punisher figure inside one of the sets, but he actually sucks worse than the last Punisher. That’s tough to do! Target Exclusives, in case you can’t read. Actually if you couldn’t read, me writing that wouldn’t help you any. MOVING ON!

I kind of think these new Lego Hero Factory figures are pretty cool. Of course, they’re blatantly just Bionicle with a new name. Alright, Target sucks, let’s go to TOYS R US!

TRU has badass new Godzilla figures from Bandai Creation! Okay, so the figures aren’t really new, but the packaging is. Check out the Japanese writing! This is an awesome package. The super gay rainbow Mothra hasn’t been seen on US shelves for a while, so that’s a nice re-release, but there’s nothing new announced on the series. Still I’m glad to see new G-Money toys, even if they are re-releases.

Toys R Us also has new TNA Deluxe Impact figures! GO TNA! As you can see, they had three racks, but they were all sold out except for a single Jeff Jarrett. That bodes well. I’d pick up the JJ, but I hate those screaming scans. Please stop that Jakks.

See that big empty spot below the UFC cheapo rings? Well that’s where the TNA Six Sides of Steel ring was. It was all sold out too. Actually they had one left when I went in there, but it’s in my hands when I took this picture cause I bought that beast. TNA! TNA! TNA! (Review of the ring maybe coming next week, maybe never!)

While in the wrestling aisle I finally saw UFC Don Frye. I had searched for months for him, but yeah… I was a little let down when I finally saw him. Something just seems a little off. I’ll probably end up getting him anyway, but I wish he was better. Also, why hasn’t Don Frye been cast as Mike Haggar in the Final Fight movie? SOMEONE GET ON THAT!

Finally I saw these new figures called Androidz. I haven’t ever heard of them before but I thought they were pretty cool. I know I can’t be the only one who thinks these are similar to the old Z-Bots! Remember Z-Bots?

They had a ton of these guys at Toys R Us. While they’re not exactly Z-Bots, I think it’s suffice to say that they’re the Z-Bots of today.

They even had playsets, including this TRU exclusive one. Looks pretty cool. I guess these guys all have wheels or something. I didn’t check to see who made them. Next time I will.

I like that they have little vehicles too. This one looks like a Maser. For $6, it seems like a decent deal. I may pick some up eventually.

That’s it for this time, but next time I shop I will fold you up, put you in my pocket and take you along for another TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

11 Responses to Tales From The Toy Aisle: New Z-Bots, TNA and Godzilla

  • jestergoblin says:

    Weird, Toys R Us's website just calls them "Droidz" and has a bunch of them available online for sale.

    And holy crap there are 12 two-packs, 4 vehicles, 4 $20 playsets, 5 $30 playsets and a collector's case! This line feels like it came right out of '94!

    I need to get some.

  • Henry says:

    I'm surprised that the AIM trooper isn't flying off the shelves at that store. One would think that he would be very popular, given how he is vaugly recognisable and an easy way to get a few henchmen in a MU display. Plus he has the updated movement. Will of the consumer I guess

  • CompyRex says:

    Yeah, I got one of the two-packs (an army themed one, both have four points of articulation, swivel and hinge shoulders). For $6.99 (or $5.99, I can't remember), it's a nice deal.

  • Well yellow Batman isn't selling either. Maybe yellow figures don't sell very good? Does anyone have some more anecdotal evidence to support this? Reverse Flash kind of peg warmed too in DCIH.

  • I figured this would be right up your alley Jesterman. Which is why I brought it up.

  • Yeah they were $5.99 at my TRU. A pretty good deal these days.

  • Henry says:

    Well yellow plastic is quite a hard colour to use without the figure looking cheap and plasticly. I suppose that could be it.

  • jestergoblin says:

    Picked up two packs yesterday. They're very interesting, basically Z-Bots meets Hotwheels/Matchbox cars but the quality control is awful on them. Of four figures, two had arms pop off, and one was misaligned.

  • CompyRex says:

    The arms are supposed to come off, I believe.

  • CompyRex says:

    Maybe I got lucky, as mine only come off when you actually try to pull them off (I got the one you got, Muzzle Flash and Tank).

  • jestergoblin says:

    Yeah, Muzzle Flash and Tank are better. But Sky Bot's arms come off if you try to move them. I could see it being really annoying for kids and parents, especially in the car.

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