It’s time for the first Tales from the Toy Aisle of the new year and it’s a stacked edition. Today I’m going to take a look at the toys that should be in the toy aisles, the toys that shouldn’t and some serious disappointments by what I’m finding out there in the realm of toys. For starters, let’s look at NECA’s latest offering. It’s new NECA TMNT figures!

YAY! Wait… What? NECA managed to get these Mighty Mugg ripoff figures into stores but not NECA TMNT Wave 2?! Seriously, they announced these Mighty Mugg style figures at the exact same time they announced Wave 2. I don’t mind NECA taking the TMNT license into some other areas, but this is just a colossal failure. TMNT Batsu instead of Wave 2?

For starters, these are way uglier than Mighty Muggs. Secondly, Mighty Muggs are on thin ice themselves, so why try to launch a new Muggs style line? Third, all the Turtles look the same, so these Muggs are pretty poorly inspired to begin with. Fourth, these cost $17 a pop! If Mighty Muggs can’t sell at $10 of more popular characters, who the hell at NECA thinks TMNT will sell at nearly twice that price. And fifth, WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY TMNT WAVE 2?! Cut the bullshit NECA and release Wave 2 already. (Apologies for the profanity, but seriously, nothing frustrates me more in the toy world than NECA completely dropping the ball on the TMNT license.)

I just can’t believe a company would waste tooling dollars on something with little market and no hype over something that’s so heavily anticipated by fans. NECA, I will buy FIFTY Foot Soldiers myself… And I’m not kidding. Moving on, check out this soldier figure I found at the dollar store.

For one dollar this little trooper can be yours. Is that not the saddest sumbitch you’ve ever seen? Even for a dollar this guy looks like a ripoff. That’s just one sad little toy. On the plus side, his weapons look pretty good for 6 inch scale figures. Should I buy one of these guys for the lolz?

Speaking of bootleg looking army guys, am I the only one mildly excited by these special anniversary CORPS figures that are re-releases of the old 1980’s CORPS figures?! These are the same CORPS that I used to dread getting when I was a kid in the 80’s and some Aunt or Grandparent who didn’t love me enough to get me a real GI Joe would buy me at Christmas or a Birthday. First, thanks for not loving me enough family, and second, a few of these guys turned out to be pretty cool. The others? They would always die first. Hey, somebody had to die in a Cobra invasion and certainly wasn’t going to be Barbeque or Dusty!

Here’s a look at two different Walmarts. Check out all those Marvel figures. Oh and hey wedged in between there is the WHOLE Mattel DC section. Wow, impressive huh? There’s the revised case of Wave 10 which includes only Cyborg and Captain Cold. It must be the revised Wave 10, cause it’s all I ever see. Well at least Mattel is stocking Toy Story, right?

Or not.

But I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Newt, that must just be one bad Walmart, that’s not indiciative of a trend.” Fair enough, check out this Walmart. Look at their Mattel DC selection. Yup, three peg hooks. Surely that can’t be it, can it?

Of course not! Because look, here’s some Batman Brave & The Bold wedged in some Spider-man animated figures. Yeah, that’s the WHOLE Mattel DC section at one Walmart. About 12 figures total between all of the DC brands.

Of course, maybe you think that the Mattel figures just sell so well and that’s why I never see them. I suppose that’s possible, but check out this visual evidence from stocking that night. See if you can spot the Mattel boxes.

Look closely. There’s a couple. Dang, but they’re Barbie boxes!

But there’s at least 7,000 Hasbro boxes.

It’s a shame that if I want to get my DC fix at Walmart, I have to resort to buying this leftover Christmas bubble bath set. Cause that’s the only Joker at my Walmarts. Please Mattel, send some toys. Thanks.

4 Responses to Tales From The Toy Aisle – New Year, New Tears

  • Slash says:

    I think, Mr. Newton (or is it Dr. Gimmick?) that Mattel cut down production to launch their horrific WWE figures. I noticed that at my Walmarts and TRUs as well.

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    Dear Lord, seeing all those boxes stacked up reminded me of Truck Day at Kay Bee Toys back when I worked there.

    Our stockroom was tiny because the store shared space with the Big Lots next door which had ampler space and an actual unloading ramp. For every box of figures I opened, you had at least 25 to 50 Barbie cases to sort through and bring to the floor as well. Otherwise, it was dozens upon dozens of Toy Story Buzz and Woody puppets, Britney Spears dolls, Furbies, and the dreaded Pokemon plastic plague. ARGH!!! The boxes were often piled up so high that you could literally reach the ceiling. Plus, this was around 1999 to 2001, not the greatest of times for action figure collectors. I know we had around 100 Marvel Gold Captain Marvel figures out back when I arrived and did inventory. They were still gathering dust when I finally left the place.

    I remember those old CORPS figures. I liked them better than the newer designs which replaced these guys. The Fox, Shark, Shooter Sam, Tracker Tom, Boomerang Billy, Gunner O' Grady, a few corny names but those were some of my favorites. I think I even bought a couple that were on clearance once after ending my evening shift.

  • clark says:

    Dang it, I really want you to get that Joker too Newt. My local Walmart has started putting out wave 10 figures again, but it appears that they just have a bunch of Robotman and Power Girl, because that is all I've seen lately. One Walmart actually had a full case of wave 11, but that didn't last long, plus the price went up to $15 about two days after they put the figures out, so I don't think I want to fling that amount of cash for one DCUC figure.

  • I still haven't seen a peep of Wave 10. I hit THREE Walmarts today. All I saw was Cyborg, Captain Cold and one Walmart had the All Star Batman, Superman and Flash. Between three Walmarts I saw a total of 9 DCUC figures. Absolutely pathetic.

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