It’s time once again for a brand new TALES FROM THE TOY AISLES This past Wednesday I hit the toy aisle at my local Target not expecting to find anything. In fact I really wasn’t even looking for anything. I managed to find all sorts of stuff. Target is putting out lots of new toys for Christmas. I already reviewed the SNAKE from Rise of Cobra that I found, but I also managed to find the Retro meets New SnowJob set.

This thing looks even cooler in person. I will definitely be picking this up even though it’s really not worth the price tag. I just think it’s a cool nostalgia gift set. For the old Joe fans and the new ones. I wonder what kids of today would think about this set?

Thankfully I haven’t picked up the new SnowJob yet. Of course he’s just a repaint of the 25th version and I have dozens of them, but whatever.


I also noticed some cool Star Wars exclusives. As well they’ve redone the Star Wars comic packs. They look cooler now. Of course I didn’t take any pictures of that stuff.

Don’t forget that JLU 3 packs are on sale too. Naturally this is after I paid $15.99 for the new JLU sets. Anyway, plenty of stuff to add to your holiday wish lists and just in time. Check back in later I have a virtual TON of Japanese Monster Week stuff coming today and tomorrow. It may roll over into Sunday some as well. Such is life when you’re facing down 500 ft tall creatures of mass destruction.

3 Responses to Tales from the Toy Aisle, GI JOE

  • JudgeG says:

    I’m not sure about this one. I don’t really like Snow Job. Then again, I’m only a casual fan of G.I. Joe, so I don’t really know him. Still, somebody who likes Snow Job will probably be happy.

    I’m actually more interested in the Burning The Fallen under Snow Job. He looks really cool, better that the normal release in my opinion.

  • Haha, yeah I don’t follow Transformers but they did look pretty cool. This Target had all kinds of new Holiday stuff there.

  • PrfktTear says:

    I’m done with GI Joe, but the new Zartan looks pretty darn cool!

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