It’s the first Tales from the Toy Aisle of the new year! What all have I seen in my toy adventures in 2011? Quite a lot actually. What’s out there now? Let’s take a look…

First off I found the new Wave 4 of the Retro-Action figures. I really like the Captain Cold from this set. However, notice anything different with one of these? Yeah and it wasn’t a repack either. Mattel QC strikes again!

You might think that Captain Cold will be the peg warmer for this line, but I offer you this counter evidence. Yes, that’s the Flash, warming pegs. Strangely I couldn’t find Cheetah or Wonder Woman. Either they’re short packed or the ladies are popular. Who said female figures won’t sell?!

Staying with the DC/Mattel theme, I saw the new Batman Brave & The Bold line. It seems as though this line has been revamped to focus less on the Brave & The Bold (since that show is done) but still have the same figures. This Joker looks great. Sadly, they still have those hexagon holes all over them, so I’m not going to buy him. Looks like this line is mostly repaints anyway.

Need some WWE basics? Well one of my local Targets is loaded down. Sadly the price is back up to $9.99 (they were $7.50 all December) so I doubt these will be flying off the shelves. Why did the price go back up? $7.50 was the optimal price for these dudes.

Here’s some kind of Glee journal/game I found. Seriously Glee is everywhere. They sell Glee clothes and now Glee toys?! What’s next, the Glee home pregnancy test? We can only hope!

Another game I found was this Toy Story handheld. I didn’t check to see who made it, but I hope it’s Tiger! Those Tiger Electronics handheld games were all the rage in the 80’s. I loved me some Double Dragon and Gauntlet!

I also found some of these neat Buzz Lightyear stuffed dolls. Pretty cool, right?

But look at this one! THE HORROR! THE HORROR! Yeah, he didn’t have any stuffing in his head. He was made that way. Scary. Some poor child is going to have nightmares.

On the subject of Buzz Lightyear nightmares, I suspect this is the stuff he dreams about in his scary nightmares. Look how creepy those aliens are when they’re doing their operation on him. All this set needs is Jonathan Frakes and this alien autopsy can be televised on Fox. Remember that?!

Another old memory came alive when I saw these K’nex Monster Jam sets. This is like Monster Jam Legos. it’s a pretty neat idea. I loved that early 90’s show of Monster Jam that had promos from guys in costumes, like pro wrestling, but then they would settle it in the monster trucks. Anyone else remember that show? The one dude looked just like Skeletor! These sets suck though, because they don’t sell a Bigfoot! He was the best!

It’s not all awesome new toys everywhere, though. This is was 3/4s of my Toys R Us looks like. Rows and rows of old Terminator figures. They got so wiped out at Christmas and they still haven’t gotten rid of this crap. They used it to fill in all their holes, so now TRU is basically one big crappy Playmates Terminator store.

These things are just odd… It’s Yoda and a spaceship. Do kids actually play with this stuff?

And I’ll leave you with this. Get a good look at this guy, because to an entire generation… THIS IS BOBA FETT! Yes, I’m dead serious. It was a few months back when I overheard a Dad trying to get his kid to hurry up and pick a toy. He points out a Boba Fett figure (classic style) and says “Hey, here’s Boba Fett, get him, he’s cool”, and then the kid responded, “That’s no Boba Fett, Boba Fett is a kid, Dad. You don’t know anything about Star Wars”.

Poor Dad then tried to explain that Boba Fett grows up into this cool character, but the kid wasn’t having any of it. Of course it’s hard to sell a kid on the importance of a cool character like Boba Fett when the entire Empire legion, every Clone Trooper and Storm Trooper is also Boba Fett. Somewhere George Lucas laughs and sadly, the rest of us weep.

That’s it for this time, but 2011 is off to a rousing start and soon we’ll have yet another trip down the sick and twisted area known as TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

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