It’s time for a very special pre-Easter edition of TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

Right now in the department stores there is a second aisle of “toys” devoted to Easter. While some of it is just candy and eggs, many include little trinkets that are designed to go into Easter baskets. I recall getting a handful of neat toys through the years at Easter, so let’s see what’s out there for kids this year.

Our first stop is Target, which has one of the largest selections of Easter goodies. One very cool item I noticed is these POP Heroes vinyl bobble heads of DC characters. They look pretty neat, but seems as though they have no articulation. Too bad, as I’d picked one up if it had a little poseability.

They also had the DC Imaginext stuff back out, but this time in egg shaped packages. I really like these, but as I’ve said in the past (Christmas) they should try to theme these beyond just the packages. These figures are the same as the Regular and Single Card releases. Do something more than just change the packaging!

Lego Star Wars mini packs were out in abundance as well.

As well as slightly more traditional Lego stuff.

If you needed anymore proof on how hard Lego is pushing their little Ninjago Lego items, look no further. These are pretty new items, but they already have an Easter basket pack ready. I must confess, I think a pack of these would be pretty cool in a Easter basket.

Also at Target, but completely un-Easter related was this awesome Where’s Waldo T-shirt. It’s a parody of the John Cena “You Can’t See Me” deal, but it features Waldo. Pretty awesome. Anyone else remember the Where’s Waldo cartoon?

There were plenty of classic toy items to be had as well. Rubiks cube is hours of fun for anyone!

Although the Halo MegaBlocks sets looked to be the best “toy” there. It features a vehicle and a little action figure. Looked even more fun than the Lego stuff. Definitely a winner for kids, even if the kid doesn’t like Halo. They remind me a bit of the old Starcom toys… Without the magnets and neat transforming vehicles.

I also saw these strange things at Target. I’m not really sure what they are, but I thought I’d take a picture for documentation anyway. They were in the toy aisle, after all.

I know nothing of Ben 10, but I have several figures… Which to me is the mark of a good toy line. Add this figure to the list of Ben 10 stuff that I want. Reminds me of an old Ultraman character or something.

Final stop was the grocery store, which had much less toy stuff than Target, but still had plenty of Easter goodies. These guns came in during the late 90’s as big deals, but I really like the design on this one.

Easter shaped chalk! I never much played with chalk, but it always seems popular.

Girls always seem to have the best stuff. I didn’t take many pictures, but these are like little action figures that you can change their clothes. Sadly no GI Joes or anything for boys. I’ve noticed that in recent years girls tend to have more figures and toys than boys in holiday sets.

My favorite item that they had were these little wacky walking eggs. I don’t know why, but I thought they were pretty cool. I could totally see the 1980’s toon Ninja Turtles battling these crazy little eggs. Perhaps that’s where we should end, before I’m inclined to buy a bunch of these eggs and have them team up with my Mezco White Rabbit and have a crazy Easter adventure!

That’s it for this time, but beware that just around the corner, lurking in the darkest corners of the department store is something your wildest dreams could never conceive when we venture into TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

9 Responses to Tales From The Toy Aisle: Easter Preparation

  • The Blot says:

    Believe it or not, the DC Universe Pop! Vinyl Figures aren't bobble heads. The head does turn though (so there's 1 point of articulation haha).

    I think the Marvel and Star Wars figures are only bobble heads because of Funko's licensing deal for those two lines (and probably to get around Hasbro's deal for those two toy lines).

  • Yeah, I mean I know they're not bobble heads in the traditional sense. I thought that their heads turned, but they are listed as bobble heads on the packaging. It's a shame about the articulation, because I think as vinyls, these guys have some charm.

  • kngfu says:

    Mywife, who hates my action figure collection, just bought me the batman one=ENABLER:)

  • Haha, that's how it all starts!

  • my_name says:

    Ever see those Transformers generic seeker jets in Easter baskets? I've heard about them at K-Marts for years but never saw them in the actual wild before.

  • The Blot says:

    Ok, mystery solved! What I didn't realize is the Target DC Pop! figures are labeled as bobble heads, while the ones found in specialty shops are just labeled as vinyl figures. The ones I have don't have bobble heads…do the Target figures actually bobble?

  • As best I can tell, no. Although I didn't buy one, so I don't know for sure. They weren't bobbling in the package, but they could have been secured I suppose.

  • Can't say that I have. I've seen some generic Transformers toys, but not those specific ones.

  • lucky19 says:

    yes the heads do bobble as I have bought a couple of the DC characters.

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