You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of articulation, a dimension of mind, a dimension of dork and paint applications, one part electric slide one part electric bugaloo, it’s time for another edition of… TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

Yes while today does start our official coverage of C2E2, I won’t have most the pictures and details until tonight. So in the meantime, let’s take a stroll down the local toy aisles and see what’s popping!

First I want to point out something new Hasbro has cooked up. Selling masks. Sure, there have always been a handful of masks/costumes in the toy aisle, but Hasbro is now marketing a specific mask for every brand of their superheroes.

And it’s not just superheroes either, Transformers is getting in on the action! These masks are all actually pretty cool because while they resemble the old Ben Cooper masks in a way, they’re much more detailed and are a hard plastic. The GF tried a few on and they fit her alright, so I guess some adults could even sport these.

And if you decide to buy the Thor mask, you might as well pick up the Mjölnir roleplay toy as well.

There was a decent rollout of Thor toys on the shelves as well. The big movie seems to be getting a decent launch, toy wise. Of course I more or less find Thor pretty boring.

The toys look alright and I’ll probably buy one basic Thor and be done with it. Then again, I still love my Secret Wars Marvel Universe Thor pretty much as my definitive version of the character. I will see the movie though and maybe that will change my mind.

I also found JLU Weather Wizard at Target! Man, three or four years ago this would have made me jump for joy. Now? I can’t even recall if I’ve already bought this pack and I left the one I did find on the shelf. Pretty sad huh? I love this pack too, but I’m so “whatever” about JLU anymore.

Anybody interested in this Ninajago Lego stuff? Lego has really done some impressive stuff in recent years. I mean, there’s a whole Lego aisle. This Ninjago stuff has the biggest rollout I ever recall seeing for Lego. This stuff is everywhere!

Some of it is really neat too. It’s like, ninjas, monsters, dragons. Makes me wish this was TMNT and not Lego… I just can’t get into Lego.

Maybe Ninjago will change all that.

As stocked up as Lego is… Take a look at poor DCUC. See anything familiar? Yes, this Target was still jam packed full of Cyborgs from like what, nearly 10 waves ago?

I mean, three rows of DCUC and like 8 out of 10 figures are Cyborg. This is the exact issue I brought up to Mattel in the latest Q & A with Matty. I’m taking pictures… I dunno what else I can do. I mean, aside from buying a bunch of Cyborgs.

I haven’t been interested in Transformers since like 1989… But something about these new Transformer figures are really making me close to buying. This set came with Rodimus and the Matrix! Man this is stuff I remember!

Plus they had a cool almost retro looking Soundwave.

Even this Megatron looked quite cool to me. Maybe I’ll hop into Transformers a bit. I like seeing names I know. For years Transformers have all sort of looked the same to me, but these characters I know and remember are drawing me in. Plus the designs are cool and the prices aren’t too bad.

Finally we end with these Crysis 2 figures. I’ve never played the game, but they do look pretty neat. I quite liked Wesitron’s review of the NECA Crysis Alcatraz and it makes me sort of interested in these 5 inch figures. Maybe one day I’ll give them a spin, but for now I have to get out of these toy aisles before I start a new collection!

That’s it for this time, but beware that just around the corner, lurking in the darkest corners of the department store is something your wildest dreams could never conceive when we venture into TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

7 Responses to Tales From The Toy Aisle: Away We Ninjago!

  • n38s9jk says:

    The JLU thing is hilarious and not surprising for Target. I bet you DCUC 4 and 7 is still out there shelf warming after 2-3 years now. There's a rumor about timed Target exclusive DCUC wave in 2011. Wave 18 is a timed exclusive for Wal-Mart.

    That leaves the rumored Wave 19 JSA wave and Wave 20 with the C2C Nekron. I can't imagine things getting any better at Target after all this.

  • So much for getting any better then, lol.

  • clark says:

    I keep finding the cyborgs and blue beetles (Ted) at target and power girl at walmart. Not just any cyborg, but the figure that was initially a KayBee exclusive, that doesn't come with any additional arms, so nobody wants him.
    I live in a dallas suburb, and am surrounded by both targets and walmarts, and a few targets have started getting wave 16 and walmarts have been getting GL wave 2 and DCU wave 16. One walmart had all of their exclusive wave 14 in clearance for $7.50 each. I've heard people can't find these but in my area they have been major peg warmers.

  • Rexplode says:

    The newest Transformers Generations and Reveal the Shield series are for the most part amazing.
    I haven't bothered reviewing any of them because they seem to be well covered by if you want my opinion on any in particular just tweet me!

    That Soundwave is probably the best one ever made and he's $12!

  • Never could find the Joker wave here. I see Powergirl since she was repacked.

    Yeah the Cyborg from the KB Exclusive ended up getting shipped out to Targets and it's really hurt DCUC there.

  • Bill says:

    Glad I'm not the only one with a pathetic selection in my local stores.

    Newton, I too, would have jumped on getting the Weather Wizard a few years back, but now, I can easily walk away. JLU lost me a few years back when I realized I had purchased yet another Batman that I didn't need, just to get a figure I wanted. That, and having to stand the figures up every day after they fell over time and time again.

  • clark says:

    Here you go for Joker. Plus, sign up for the free trial of Amazon Prime (make sure to turn off the automatic enrollment in you account), and you get it with 2-day shipping and don't have to build a $25 order.

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