Tomorrow night on Cartoon Network debuts a new show from creator Genndy Tartakovsky of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and the good stuff in Clone Wars fame. The show is an exciting hybrid of Voltron type anime and modern sensibility known as Sym-Bionic Titan. An emailer described it to me as “a unique and awesome mix of old school anime mashed with a Sergio Leone sensibility”, and that sounds about right.

I actually missed out on Samurai Jack the first time it came around. I only saw bits and pieces and the strange art style, originally turned me off. I assumed it was another of those typical Cartoon Network shows that they seemed to be pumping out ad-nauseam at the time. As it turns out, that was one of the more brilliant cartoons in recent memory. You should check out the re-runs now being played on Boomerang if you never saw it.

Anyway, this is Tartakovsky’s new project. Check out this little preview video and see for yourself. This looks awesome:

It premieres tomorrow night at 9PM. This show has a low buzz at the moment, so get the word out. Set your DVRs. Tell your kids to sit down and watch this. Enjoy some quality cartoonage. Check out Sym-Bionic Titan!

9 Responses to Sym-Bionic Titan Debuts Tomorrow

  • onjf says:

    Gennndy finally returns from the dead after smoking opium and laying prostitutes in China for the past 4 years!

  • Mario says:

    From the image posted, that thing looks straight up like Henshin Cyborg.

  • There's definitely a resemblance there.

  • Mark says:

    Surely there will be a toy line….I would definitely pick up a toy of that robot. Reminds me a little of Tetsujin 28 and Henshin Cyborg.

  • Hope so. In the previews I've seen thus far, there is a cool multiheaded dragon robot he fights that would make an excellent toy…

    That said, Cartoon Network has had a pretty horrible time turning their original programming into toys. Which is sort of baffling when you think about it. Only programs that have a toy manufacturer already with a stake in the show, seem to get toys or at least, expansive quality toylines.

  • Mark says:

    Samurai Jack had a short lived toyline.

  • Rex says:

    Yeah a short lived one, that did not get much attention. Not enough promotion in general with CN lines, IMO.

  • Indeed. Jack and a few other lines, had toy lines, but they were almost underground. You'd think honestly almost all the CN shows would have toy lines and some bigger than others. But it just seems like that if, unless a toy company has a stake in the show, you don't see much in the way of toys. Maybe a few, but rarely a successful one. I'm still baffled most the Adult Swim shows haven't had more and better toys, but when it comes to true kids shows, CN hasn't had a lot of toys either.

    I don't know about Ben 10. If that was a hit that was partially supported by Bandai, or if Bandai hopped on. If it's the latter, that'd be the true exception.

  • onjf says:

    Genndy takes 4 years or something between projects and he delivers this. He was also doing Power of the Dark Crystal movie but it got scrapped for funding reasons its assumed. I'm still bitter about it, but he can improve as the show goes on. I remember not being a huge fan of Samurai Jack but grew to love it.

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