Today we’re doing a little spotlight on a obscure line based on an equally as obscure TV show from the 1990’s. WMAC Masters was a program that ran in syndication featuring martial arts, strange costumes and scripted action. Imagine if Mortal Kombat was pro wrestling, then that’s what WMAC Masters was. Why Bandai decided to market a toy line around these characters is beyond me.

Presumably, someone thought this show was going to be a hit. I suppose the concept wasn’t a terrible idea, with a group of fighters vowing to be the best in the world. We got plenty of gimmicks, like Hakim Alston (shown above) as the MACHINE! He was supposed to be like, part cyborg or something. The illusion was kind of ruined every time he took off his paper mache armor to actually do the martial arts moves.

Of all the figures, the Machine is probably the most visually interesting. His twisting arm action and odd hand placement sort of kill a lot of his momentum, but at least he looks cool. Machine also has ball jointed legs, which gave him a great range of motion for the time.

I also have Herb Perez who looks quite Asian here, but was more Latino than anything. He was known as Olympus, which really doesn’t fit with his Karate motif. Each figure came with a weapon and a piece of the WMAC Masters belt. I suspect the belt element was really probably the coolest reason to collect these figures. See, each week the fighters competed for the belt pieces and the person who had all the parts at the end was the new MASTER… Or something along those lines.

Honestly the show never made much sense. The fighting was pretty badly scripted, think Power Rangers and much like the Rangers, most of the battles were the stars facing off against generic guys in ninja outfits. Sort of like the Rangers’ battle with the “Putties”. The show did have Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon, on it. I guess that was supposed to give the World Martial Arts Council some credibility. She didn’t do any fighting, instead she just wore pantsuits and jabbered on a lot. The lack of any real interesting violence and bad acting, eventually killed any potential the show might have had.

Much like the show, the figures potential was tanked by their action gimmicks. Poor Olympus is supposed to have a Karate kick action and yet, his foot barely gets up to the level of other figure’s knees. He has one mean shin kick! The sculpting and paint work really isn’t bad for the time, but the action features ruin most the playability these figures may have had. The giant levers sticking out of their backs or goofy movements didn’t make these guys interesting.

They are study though, as they’ve been in my collection for years and aren’t too worse for wear. Ultimately the toys and show were doomed. Still they’re fun to look back at in wonder. Check out the commercial below for these figures to see the rest of the series that I didn’t buy.

And if you’re just dying for more Masters content, you can visit, which has more statistics and background information about this show than anyone ever needs to know.

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  • wesitron says:

    Gosh, I'd forgotten what this show was. Every time I watch the Mortal Kombat movie and see The Machine face off against (I think it was) Liu Kang, I always remember him in that cyborg outfit but could never remember what it was. Good call with this review, I recall that there was a brief time at my school when these were the rage.

  • Yeah it's amazing some times how you completely forget little shows like this. I watched the show for a bit, but was never a huge fan. It's always stuck with me though, because I had picked up these toys.

  • DrNightmare says:

    I'm still trying to figure-out that guy's accent in the ad xD

    Yeah, this show was ridiculous, but it was cool seeing those generic ninjas fall to their deaths off the rotating platform.

  • Ana says:

    It was a good show but the fights did look kind of fake. For the talent level it was a shame they had to go so low budget/cheesy with this.

  • Aaron says:

    The show was ok it actually got more interesting in the second season with a evil group of dirty fighters call jakido -the plot starts at the end of the first season one of their members a masked ninja attacks both masters and knocks them off the platform during a dragon star match -each piece of the belt is a condition for a title match for the dragon star -you need 10 for a full belt trade it in for a match-on top of a rotating platform they fight if they go outside with out falling by touching the connecting bridge or using the chains to swing out to the area around ninja’s are dispatched.

    all in all i though it was an interesting premise for a kids show -even if scripted it was still ok the problem is that some of the series was a little silly

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