So I don’t have the packages for either of these two, so I’m going to do a quick spotlight photo review. Mickey Mouse stars as Bob Cratchit in the Mickey Christmas Carol and Morty Mouse, one of the Mickey’s small friends, is Tiny Tim. Each of these figures were packed on a single card, they were not a double pack.

Mickey looks great as Bob Cratchit and as with the other figures, Playing Mantis put a lot of attention to the details on his outfit. The hat unfortunately just sits on the head and is prone to fall off with even the slightest ant fart.

The scarf is removable and underneath is a nice little suit coat.

The back has several details painted and sculpted.

Mickie however, unlike Minnie, is an important character in the story and a much needed addition to the set.

He comes with a coal bucket, one piece of coal (not pictured), an ink quill that needs to be thawed out and a home sweet home sign. All things that were seen in the film.

I didn’t even know the mouse who played Tiny Tim had a name. I don’t really recall seeing Morty in anything else, but I guess he is a established Disney toon character.

He is pretty adorable as Tiny Tim and it’s an important figure to have for the collection.

He has a slight lean so that you can use his crutch. His hat, unlike everyone else’s, has a groove to fit the ears and it sits on his head pretty good.

Since Morty was smaller than everyone else, they gave him a ton of Tiny Tim accessories. He comes with the little bear he gets at the end, a stool, a barrel, a Christmas tree and two different presents.

Both figures are worth picking up, but can be a bit costly to track down. They make a nice addition to the set, but otherwise they could also be used as decent Mickey Mouse figures. Playing Mantis’ Memory Lane line was really good and it’s a shame these figures came and went so suddenly.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Morty and his identical twin, Ferdie, were Mickey's nephews in the old comic strips. The hardest part of the movie is recreating Tiny Tim's predicament using Disney characters. Many kids must have wept at the sight of Mickey losing his kid when Scrooge is shown the future. In others words, Scrooge needed to get his sh!t together or Morty would die! It was almost as traumatizing as watching Optimus Prime's unexpected demise in Transformers: The Movie. Yikes!

  • Newt says:

    Yeah no doubt. Very scary and I thought the Tiny Tim was very engaging.

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