While I’ve always liked Yoda, he’s not always translated well to action figure form. His original figure from Kenner still strikes a chord with me as he’s got a certain charm to him and who wouldn’t like a bright orange snake? However I think perhaps the best overall Yoda figure is the 1995 Kenner version.

Has any Yoda beaten this one? I don’t think so. While I really like my Clone Wars Yoda and think he’s one of the best overall, the head sculpt on this Yoda just has a certain something to it that screams YODA!

He may be just a tad out of scale, but so are many other Yodas as well. Clearly he’s not the worst offender in this catagory. He’s missing the hair on the sides of his head, but it’s forgivable as that often doesn’t look right in plastic.

He’s got one of the better back humps in a Yoda too. Not quite as dramatic as the vintage Kenner version, but pretty close. I don’t think Hasbro has quite figured out the design on Yoda yet. They keep trying different things, but I’ve skipped a lot more Hasbro Yodas than I’ve bought.

The only thing that ever pissed me off about this Yoda was the fact that he lacked as much articulation as the vintage Yoda figure. Kenner didn’t seem to realize that 1995 should have meant Yoda had more or at least as much articulation as his original figure. I guess it just wasn’t in the cards, because they didn’t want to break up his robe sculpt.

Even with that minor quibble aside, this Yoda is more or less plastic perfection. He remains as one of my favorite Yoda figures and retains a prominent position in my toy collection. Here’s to you 1995 Kenner Yoda, enjoy the spotlight.

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  • Nathan says:

    I've always thought that this is the best Yoda so far. I hate Yodas that have anything to do with the Prequels (the Yoda I know doesn't hop around like an overly-caffeinated frog), so that wipes out a lot of figures, including the new 2010 Vintage Collection figure. 2004's VOTC Yoda was a contender, but the proportions and head sculpt were pretty bad. OTC Yoda, again from 2004, came pretty close to beating the POTF2 Yoda. Its sculpt was detailed, the proportions worked… but the face wasn't as "Yoda" as the POTF2 version. So my favorite is still the 1995 Kenner one!

  • Glad I'm not alone in loving this Yoda.

    I hear ya on the Prequels Yoda, lol.

  • Mark says:

    This is my favourite Yoda, excellent head sculpt. Same with the Obi-Wan Kenobi from this time.

  • Bill says:

    This IS the best Yoda, by far. Actually, I am one of the few who loves ALL the figures in the POTF2 line.
    I know the proportions are wonky, but today's collectors can't even begin to imagine the excitement these little guys (and gal) generated.

  • MBXfilms says:

    This Yoda figure in action

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