Not all giant Japanese Monsters here in Japanese Monster Week can be as famous as Godzilla and his comrades. Some guys are even less famous than Gamera villains… Like Gerukadon here. He’s an Ultraman villain from the Ultraman series, Ultraman: Toward The Future.

Ultraman was relaunched in the 1990’s as an American show, although produced in Australia. The end result was a bit mixed, but it was a lot like Power Rangers before Power Rangers were imported to the states. Gerukadon was one of the cooler villains on the show. He could fly, had a unique look that was a little reminiscent of King Ghidorah and he could emit powerful white laser blasts from his eyes!

A company called Dreamworks made this 10 inch figure in the mid 90’s and it’s actually vastly superior to the Bandai 6 inch version from the same era. He’s poseable at the neck, arms, waist, legs and tail… He’s also hella dusty from being in storage for decades.

Gerukadon is a unique Ultraman bad guy, but he’s pretty cool all in all. This is a cool hard vinyl figure worth tracking down if you’re looking for a couple of cheap figures to add to your Kaiju collection without having to import them. This guy was sold right here in the good ol’ USA. He’s still available for pretty cheap on the secondary market too.

For a pretty old figure he stands the test of time and has decent paint aps, good construction and a nice look to him. Even if you’ve never heard of Gerukadon, you’ll probably have to admit he looks pretty cool. This guy would go great in a He-Man MOTUC diorama as a dragon or something. While not a full review, I would easily give this guy a 7 out of 10.

In Japan, Ultraman: Towards The Future was known as Ultraman Great. The figures from Dreamworks weren’t perfect but this guy is pretty… GREAT! See what I did there? Japanese Monster Week rages on!

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  • Poe Ghostal says:

    Ha–you keep posting stuff I know about! I never even watched Ultraman (well, maybe a couple episodes during the revival that inspired this toy line), but I DID have this figure! And yes, it’s awesome.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really wanted Bogun as kid. Just got the original Ultraman on DVD. Trippy stuff lol!

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