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Television and the way we watch it is rapidly changing with each new day. FX Networks, home of some of the best television around today with shows such as Justified, Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me have teamed up with Audi to present a brand new take on dramatic television. They have created eight short-form episodes known simply as the Untitled Jersey City Project. What is the Untitled Jersey City Project? Well it’s hard to explain, but it’s an open-ended in progress television drama with out-of-sequence scenes. (1 page)

What makes this project so unique is that you are supposed to infer some of your own thoughts and suspicions into these characters. Making each viewers interpretations their own and subsequently, giving you a story unlike anything else out there. The Untitled Jersey City Project is sure to be one of the most interesting experiments in television drama this year. Check out the video after the cut with my thoughts and feel free to leave your own as well.

In this preview of the show we see beautiful blonde and a dapper man making out in a car, in what can only be described by her as “unprofessional”! I would tend to agree, but why is she there and what exactly is she doing? Just then another man smashes into the window and business picks up. Before long we’re in a flashback sequence, trying to figure out how all this got started. We learn that the man is an architect and the woman is a reporter who wrote a bad story about him.

We learn that the architect is working with some bad people, but perhaps this is why these two get into hot water? You’ll have to fill in the blanks yourself and keep watching the episodes to figure out more. One thing’s for certain, the Untitled Jersey City Project is bound to be interesting!

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