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The writers of the Hangover (Jon Lucas and Scott Moore) and the stars of Arrested Development (Jason Bateman) and Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) are teaming up to bring you a raunchy new take on an old comedy favorite. It’s The Change-Up , a movie about the hijinx that ensue when a older married man switches bodies with a younger heartthrob.

If you’ve seen Green Lantern, you know Ryan Reynolds thrives in comedies! Plus Jason Bateman has made a career out of being a likeable everyman, with great presence and timing. It’s two of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest teamed up for a tag team affair that will rock your funny bone. This movie promises to pack in loads of laughs and good old fashioned confusing situations. Check out the trailer below:

With any luck this film will contain all the hilarity of the trailer, but hopefully even fewer poop jokes! It’s not only a Change-Up in terms of characters, but also in consistency. What happens when you really get to walk a mile in another man’s shoes?! This new film definitely looks like it’ll explore those possibilities and more. This is a premise that could definitely be mined for comedy gold. Will you go see the Change-Up on August 5th?

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