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Have you ever thought about putting yourself right into the World Cup? While I don’t find the World Cup as exciting as some folks out there, I love the idea behind the new Put yourself in a World Cup video campaign. There’s something great about the global competition that the World Cup of Soccer brings.

Of course I’ve been rooting for team USA, but I think England put some good stuff together too. I think England would be better if England they were to dump Heskey and go with Rooney as the lone striker, with support from Stevie G. Then allow Gareth Barry or Michael Carrick to anchor the midfield and give Lampard licence to break from deep, not simply sit and hold, cos he has the skills to be far more dangerous than that.

I don’t get it, really. In 2002, England ran into a dangerous Brazil team and, of course, subsequently lost; four years ago in Germany, it was untimely penalties and injuries against Portugal and now today’s embarassing gaffe. Now, this may not be 1950, but the 1-1 draw almost feels like a victory for the USA. Sometimes I wonder if England really deserves being the eighth ranked team in the FIFA World Rankings and whether they will get 1966 off their backs.

England plays Algeria on Friday 18th of June. Meanwhile USA has Algeria on the 23rd of this month, while they just last night had to settle for a tie with Slovenia. It’ll be interesting to track the progress of both teams as they try to take home the gold.

Of course if you use the awesome video maker included here, you can put yourself in the game and show it off to the world. Wouldn’t team USA or England do better with you at the helm? Rock on and show me what you got.

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