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Do you have a crappy workspace? Is your boss making you spend your days in a drab, dreary and downright depressing cubicle of doom? Then enter the Pimp My Cube Contest and get a chance to change your cubicle into the cube crib of royalty! Winning this contest will allow you to pimp your cubicle in an all new way. You could become the quintessential studmuffin (or studdette muffin) of the office with this prize package.

All you have to do is send in a video explaining why your cubicle is the worst, then send it off to be judged. You should try to make your video humourous and let everyone know why your cubicle is in desperate need of being pimped. It’s just that easy! Register at the Pimp My Cube website, send in your video and encourage your friends to do so as well! The contest is only going from 12/5/11 at 12:00PM to 1/31/12 at 12:00PM, but there’s only a few entries right now, so you’ve got a huge chance to win!

And you can win all sorts of great stuff. The second prize is a $200 gift card, but the main prize is worth over $1200! New chairs, new computer and all sorts of accouterments to make you pimping in the office. Don’t you want to be the biggest pimp in all of the workplace? Visit the PMC website for more information about how you can win and the complete contest listings, rules and information.

The better the story and video, the better chance you have to win the big prize. Make it funny, make it good, then reap the rewards! You heard it here first, now go out there and document that pathetic cubicle and then win big!



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